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McDonald's Teenie Beanies from 2000
    Although Beanie Babies were not the biggest craze this year Ty and McDonalds released the largest selection of Teenies this year. This year there was 18 Happy Meal bagged Beanies that began distribution on June 13, 2000. Special additional Teenie Beanies were released throughout the remaining year for a total of 34 Teenie Beanies!

Happy Meal Bags! Click for larger Image!

    The 18 Happy Meal Beanies were divided into 4 different categories, "Pet Pals," "At the Zoo," "Garden Bunch," and "Under the Sea." The first two Teenies released, Lips the fish & Slither the snake, each had a game piece inside of their bags for a chance to win a $25,000 scholarship! More Images: Inside Game Piece, Teenie Beanie Bag

    Later on June 29, 2000 there was also 2 more Happy Meal Teenies released under what is now called the "Top Secret" Teenies. These were labeled Top Secret because at the time the original full sized beanies of these two were just being released.

TAGS(click for larger view):

Bushy & Spring have the following Tag:

    On June 13, 2000 another Teenie Beanie line was released called the "Teenie Superstars." This set consisted of 10 Teenies in 4 different groups. Each was to be sold for $2.49 in the US and $2.99 in Canada. The four different groups were "Dinosaur Trio," another "International Bears," "Legends," and "The End Bear." The Dinosaur Trio would go on sale June 13, 2000 and stay in stores until sold out! The International Bears started selling June 20, 2000. The Legends began selling June 27, 2000, this group was called legends because they are some of the most sought after beanies today! And finally The End Bear went on sale Tuesday June 30, 2000, this bear was to represent the end of the Ty Teenie Beanies promotion for the year.

    During the same time as the Superstars run a special one day only promotion was run June 13, 2000 called McHappy Day! For this special day a special Millennium Teenie Beanie would be given away with food purchases for $2.49US and $2.99CAN. These bears were of extremely limited quantity. An estimated $4 million was expected to be raised during this one day for the Ronald McDonald House Charities! During this one day event Ty also provided t-shirts marking McHappy Day! The front of the shirt showed the Millennium bear Teenie Beanie inside of a bright splash of colors! I never saw any of these shirts for sale and image they were for employees only! (Please send us a photo if you have one!)

    Starting October 25 until November 9, 2000 McDonalds started another Teenie Beanie promotion. This time it was called "The USA Trio." It was right around elections time when they released Libearty the Bear, Lefty the democratic donkey and Righty the republican elephant Teenies! Like the Superstar series these were released in boxes and could be bought for $2.49US and $2.99CAN. These Teenie were only distributed in the USA. Each Teenie had a poem, Libearty's matched his adult beanies poem while Righty and Lefty had new poems!

    Ty also offered other promotional items like pins to the employees. This years set consisted of 27 pins including all of the Superstars and Bagged Teenies!

    There were no Springy and Bushy pins! Also given to the crew were two additional pins, one square featuring Lucky the Ladybug and read "Teenie Beanie Babies 2000 Official Crew." The second featured Lips the fish and read "Teenie Beanie Babies, Crew 2000."

Time frame of promotion: Throughout the Year
Number of Teenies:18 Bagged, 10 Superstars, USA Trio, McHappy Day = 32 Teenies
How to get: Purchase of a McDonald's Happy Meal or other food item
Names of Teenies:

Bagged Beanies 1 - 18
Pet Pals
1. Lips
2. Slither
3. Flip
4. Dotty
Garden Bunch:
5. Lucky
6. Bumble
7. Spinner
8. Flitter
At the Zoo
Under the Sea:
Top Secret:
Super Stars:
Dinosaur Trio:
19.Rex - Box: Front / Back
20.Bronty - Box: Front / Back
21.Steg - Box: Front / Back
International Bears:
22.Osito - Box: Front / Back
23.Germania - Box: Front / Back
24.Spangle - Box: Front / Back
25.Royal Blue Peanut - Box: Front / Back
26.Chilly - Box: Front / Back
27.Humphrey - Box: Front / Back
The End Bear:
28.The End Bear - Box: Front / Back
USA Trio:
29.Libearty - Box: Front / Back
30.Righty - Box: Front / Back
31.Lefty - Box: Front / Back
McHappy Day:
32.Millennium - Box: Front / Back

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