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Series 4 BBOC Cards
Stats - 
     Series 4 was released on Nov 10, 1999.

     Total number of cases: 103,400
     Total number of Boxes: 620,400
     Total number of Packs: 14,889,600

     Autographed cards: 404
     Retired cards: 206,800

     Retired 1:72
     Classic Common 1:24
     Beanies/Buddies 1:12
     Birthday 1:5
     Wild Cards 1:3

     Series 4 was introduced on November 10th 1999. They were first seen on the East coast. As with all of the previous series, Ty has autographed one of each card, the signature has a small clear Ty heart embossed on top of it. There are a total of 164 cards in Series 4.

     Each pack contains a checklist, a sticker card, an artists proof card and 7 other cards. Most of these are common cards but some will be the more valuable chase cards. Series 4 cards are broken up into the following 10 sections: Retired Cards, Classic Common Cards, Beanie/Buddy Cards,Birthday Cards, Wild Cards, Artist Proof Cards, Common Cards, Sticker Cards, Issued Cards, Lenticular.

     All with all the other series of Ty cards the rarety of each card is based on its color. In Series 4 the most common color is Orange, followed by Purple, Silver and than Gold.  

Checklist - 
    These are images of the checklist that comes in each package of Series 4 Cards.

Retired - 
    Series 4 Retired cards are not quite rectangular, the uppper left and lower right corners are rounded, with the other two being square. Also each card has a foil Retired Insignia in the upper left of the card and it is the color of this insignia that indicates the cards color.

There are a total of 10 retired cards. All retired cards are serial numbered on the back. The following is a table of the production numbers of each Retired Card.

# Card Orange Purple Silver Gold
311 Ants 9408 4704 2352 100
312 Blackie 4704 2352 1176 100
313 Clubby 11760 5880 2940 100
314 Coral 4704 2352 1176 100
315 Curly 11760 5880 2940 100
316 Fetch 14112 7056 3528 100
317 Nanook 9408 4704 2352 100
318 Nibbly 18816 9408 4704 100
319 Pounce 14112 7056 3528 100
320 Rainbow 18816 9408 4704 100
Classic Common - 
    There are 10 Classic Common cards in this series. The odds of finding one are not high! Only 1 in 24 packs! These cards look like normal cards that would have been found in Series 1 or 2 only with the words "Classic Common" in gold foil on the front.
Beanie/Buddy - 
    There are 16 Beanie/Buddy cards in 8 matching pairs. These cards unlike the Series 3 cards, are not clear cards but have a mirrored finish to them. They come in 4 colors, with the color determioned by the name of the Beanie or Buddy. Each Beanie card has a wavy right hand edge that matches with the corresponding Buddy, which has a wavy left hand edge.  
Birthday - 
   There are 12 different birthday cards with the name of the beanie on the left hand side. The rarety of these cards is based on the color of its arch!
Wild - 
    There are a total of 15 foil Wild Cards. The rarety of these cards is based on the color of the beanies name at the bottom of the card. The backs of the cards have facts about the beanie.  
Artist Proofs - 
         Like in Series 3 there are Artist Proof cards for Series 4. These cards are the exact same cards that are contained in the common cards only there is a gold foil stamp on the on the front that says 'Artist Proof.'
Common - 
     There are 100 Common cards.
Stickers - 
         Each pack contains one sticker card. There are 25 different stickers. They glow in the dark!
Issued Cards - 
         In each case of cards there is one Issued card. It is contained within a 4 screw down holder and the card itself is partially clear. There are two different Issued cards for June 15, 1996 and three different issued cards for Jan. 7, 1996. They are marked as x of 2 or x of 3.
Lenticular - 
      There is one of these cards (which are my favorite!) in each sealed box of cards. Each card is about 4 1/2 inches, there are 12 of these cards total. The image below does a poor job of showing these cards, they really are neat!

Click for a larger Image!
The End Bear - 
      Card #321 in the series is this special "The End" bear card! It is a limited Edition card, there are 400 of them and they are all signed by Ty himself. Each card comes with a printers plate and certificate of authenticity!

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