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Series 3 BBOC Cards
Stats - 
     Series 3 was released on July 29, 1999. These cards were a complete redesign when compared to the first 2 series.

     Total number of cases: 125,222
     Total number of Boxes: 751,332
     Total number of Packs: 18,031,968
     Total number of Cards: 144,255,740

     Autographed cards: 404
     Retired cards: 250,040

     Autographed 1:44,600
     Retired 1:72
     Classic Common 1:24
     Beanies/Buddies 1:12
     Birthday 1:5
     Wild Cards 1:3

     Each pack contains a checklist, a sticker card, an artists proof card and 7 other cards. The cards in Series 3 are broken up into the following 11 sections: Retired Cards, Classic Common Cards, Beanie/Buddy Cards,Birthday Cards, Wild Cards, Artist Proof Cards, Common Cards, Sticker Cards, Issued Cards, Tear-A-Bear cards,and Limited Edition Cards.

     Each card in Series 3, including all color levels of the chase cards, was signed by Ty with a gold marker on the front and numbered 1/1 on the reverse. It is reported that there is a small clear Ty heart embossed on top of the signature.  

Checklist - 
    These are images of the checklist that comes in each package of Series 3 Cards.

Retired - 

    The retired cards in Series 3 were the first to not carry the normal rectangle shape, instead they are laser cut cards. The rarety of each retired card is based on its background color. There are 4 colors in Series 4, Teal, Magenta, Silver and Gold with Teal being the most common and Gold the rarest. Each Gold card is numbered 1 of 100. The following table shows how many of each card were produced:
Card Teal Magenta Silver Gold
Bessie 17,280 8,640 4,320 100
Chocolate 11,520 7,200 3,600 100
Digger 8,640 4,320 2,160 100
Inky 8,640 4,320 2,160 100
Kiwi 11,520 5,760 2,880 100
Manny 14,400 7,200 3,600 100
Splash 11,520 5,760 2,880 100
Scoop 17,280 8,640 4,320 100
Hippity 20,160 10,080 5,000 100
Pinchers 20,160 10,080 5,000 100
Classic Common - 
    There are a total of 8 different Classic Common cards, these cards are exactly the same card as the Commons from Series 1 and 2. These cards have no color levels, however they are pretty rare, only about one card per box.
Beanie/Buddy - 
    These cards come in pairs, one half is of a beanie and the other half is of the match beanies buddy! These cards are printed on a semi clear acetate. There is a total of 4 different sets, again these cards rarety is based on their color. The color of the card is determined by the Beanies and Buddies name. The hardest to find of these are the Humphreys and the easiest are the Jakes.  

Birthday - 
   There are 12 Birthday cards in Series 3, like the Beanie/Buddy cards they come in all 4 colors. Each card has a metallic background and the name of the Beanie is printed down the right-hand side of the card. The color of the name determines the cards color.
Wild - 
    There are a total of 15 foil Wild Cards.  
Artist Proofs - 
         Every pack of Series 3 cards has 1 artist proof card. They are identical to the common cards except that they have an additional foil stamp on them that says 'Artist's Proof' on top of a Ty logo. These cards also had the Tusk numbering corrected.
Common - 
     There are 100 Common cards. Some of the harder cards to find are, Billionaire, Bumble, Caw, Chilly, Germania, Grunt, Libearty, Lizzy, Lucky, Maple, Osito, Peanut, Quackers, Rex, Teddy with Green ribbon and Teddy with Red ribbon.

     When Series 3 first appeared, Tusk was incorrectly numbered as #144. For the first time, Ty actually corrected the mistake on subsequent printing runs and was correctly numbered #150.

Stickers - 
         There are 21 different stickers.
Issued Cards - 
         You get one of these cards when you buy a complete case of Beanie Baby Trading Cards. There are a total of three issued cards. Each card is semi-transparent and mounted in a 4 screw down card protector. There are a collection of Beanies on both sides of the cards. The three cards have issued dates of: 6.25.94, 1.7.95 and 6.3.95

The card shown below is actually from Series 4, I do not have an image of one from Series 3 yet sorry!

Tear-a-Bear - 
      Inside of each box are 24 packs of cards and a large Tear-A Bear card that is about 4" x 6". Along the top of the card is a perforation and when opened reveals a Limited Edition Bear Card inside.

      There are a total of 6 Tear-A-Bear cards where each has the Old Face Beanie on the back in a dull brown and a full color New Face Bear on the front. They come in Brown, Cranberry, Jade, Magenta, Teal and Violet.

Limited Edition - 
      There are 24 different Limited Edition cards.
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