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Stats - 
     Series 1 cards where released in early November 1998. These cards actually were shelve sitters! Can you believe that! In early 1999 Ty announced the retirement of the cards and suddenly everyone wanted these cards! After that they sold out quick!

     Total number of cases: 84,000
     Total number of Boxes: 504,000
     Total number of Packs: 12,096,000
     Total number of Cards: 96,768,000

     Autographed cards: 296
     Original 9 cards: 103,200
     Retired cards: 1729862
     Birthday/Rookie cards: 6,054516

     Each package of Series 1 cards contains: 8 trading cards, 1 Beanie Baby Puzzle Card, and a checklist.  Series 1 cards are broken up into 4 categories: Common Cards, the Birthday/Rookie Cards, the Retired Cards and the Original 9 Cards. 
     Ty warner himself signed one of each of the 149 cards in the series in gold. This includes one each of the different color foil levels in the Birthday/Rookie, Retired and Original 9 cards. This means there are a total of 296 Ty Signed Cards in Series 1. Each card is numbered in gold 1/1. The odds of getting one of these cards is 1 in 41,000 Packs.

Checklist - 
These are images of the checklist that comes in each package of Series 1 Cards.

Original 9 - 
    These are the rarest cards in Series 1, with the exception of a Ty Signed Card. They are card numbers 1 - 9. Each card has a picture of an original 9 Beanie Baby printed on a transparent card. The odds of finding one of these cards are 1 in 117 packs! 
       The front of these cards have a foil stamp that says 'Oringal 9.' This foil stamp can be one of 4 colors, the color determines its rarity.  Red Stamp cards are the most common, followed by Blue, Silver and the almost impossible Gold Stamped Cards.
      Each card has its production run number printed on the side, it will say what card it is out of how many. Example: 0452/2700
      According to rumor,I have not seen any, some blue cards left the factory without numbers!)
      The following table lists how many of each card were made:
# Name Red Blue Silver Gold
1 Chocolate 8840 3510 884 182
2 Cubbie 7480 2970 748 154
3 Flash 6800 2700 680 140
4 Legs 8160 3240 816 168
5 Patti 8160 3240 816 168
6 Pinchers 8840 3510 884 182
7 Splash 6800 2700 680 140
8 Spot 5400 2160 540 112
9 Sqealer 7480 2970 748 154
Retired - 
There are 15 retired cards in Series 1, these make up cards #10-24. The odds of finding one of there are 1 in 7 packs. The front of each card shows a retired beanie and a holographic foil background. The back of each card shows the beanies issue and retirement date, their poem and a 'Little Known Fact'.
       One the front of the cards there is a round foil stamp that says RETIRED and the date the beanie retired. The color of this stamp determines the cards rarity.  Like the Original 9 cards the most common color is Red, followed by Blue, Silver and Gold. The Gold cards are the only Retired Cards that are numbered, there are 150 Gold cards each numbered X/150. This makes the lower numbers more rare. 
Birthday/Rookie - 
    There are 25 of these cards, they make up cards 25 - 49. The odds of getting one of these cards are 1 in every 2 packs. These cards follow the Retired Cards in regards to color catagories. Each card has the Beanies name in foil, the color of the foil again determines the rarity. Red being the most common, followed by Blue, Silver and 150 gold cards. 
       As you see with the Bessie card below, the name is considered Red. Red cards start off red and fade into gold, and Blue cards start off Blue and fade into silver. The Silver cards and Gold cards are solid in color. 
     7 of these cards also say ROOKIE in Gold Foil on them, these cards are Ants, Clubby, Erin, Fetch, Fortune, Glory and Princess. There are no other differences between Birthday and Rookie cards. 
      The odds of getting a Red card are 1 in 3 packs, Blue is 1 in 6 packs, Silver is 1 in 24 packs and Gold is just plain rare!
Common - 
   There are 100 common cards, they are numbered 50 - 149. These cards do not have color levels however, some of these cards are considered harder to find than others: VHTF - Bumble, Caw, Digger, Flutter, Garcia, Happy, Libearty, Peanut,  Rex, Seamore, Sting, Stripes, All of the Teddies and Zip. HTF - Bones, Coral, Magic, Manny, Righty, Sparky .
Puzzle - 
    Each pack of Series 1 cards includes one of 8 different Puzzle Cards. Each card has a colorful twosided image.  The cards have the following Titles: 'Born to be wild', It's A Dogs Life', 'Tropical Heat Wave','The Original Nine', 'Star Spangled Beanies', 'Winter Beanie Wonderland','The Faces of Teddy'. and the last card has no writting one side is a jungle scene with a bunch of the Beanies and the other side is all the Dogs together.  The side with all the dogs also includes a picture of Ty Warners own dog Cleo. 
Slider Cards - 
         Each Series 1 box contains what is known as a 'Box Topper'. In Series 1 these are Slider Cards, each card shows a scene on a 5 x 7 card. The scene on the card appears at first in black and white until you pull the tab at the bottom of the card and it slides down to show the same scene in color.  There are 8 different slider cards.

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