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BBOC Platinum Cards

    During the Summer of 1999, Clubby II Platinum membership kits started to appear and had an added bonus. In each kit was a pack of Platinum Edition Collector's cards. Each pack contained 3 cards with a total of 15 in the set. There are three types of cards: 
  • Limited Edition
  • Vertically Named
  • Horizontally Named
    All of the cards have the same design on the back. 
    Each club kit also contained a coin, almost all coins are silver in color, however a rare few were made in all gold color and some in a gold/silver combination. 

Limited Edition:

   There are 5 Limited edition cards each have "LIMITED EDITION" printed on the top of the card and the name of the Beanie across the center. The following are Limited Edition cards: Signature, Bronty, Legs, Millenium and Steg. All cards also have the BBOC logo and a picture of the Beanie. It is not sure why these state limited edition, they are no rarer than any of the other Platinum cards.

Vertically Named:

     These cards have the Beanies name written down the right side of the card. The cards include Beak, Echo, Goldie, Jabber and Rex. Echo and Rex do not have the BBOC logo.

Horizontally Named:

    These cards have the name of the Beanies printed along the bottom of the cards. They include Bessie, Clubby, Peanut, Princess and Quackers. 


    Each club kit contains one BBOC coin.  The coin measures 39mm in diameter and may be silver, gold or a combination of silver and gold.  The first sets of kits to be sold only contained of the original nine silver coins.  The Original 9 Beanies are Chocolate, Cubbie, Flash, Legs, Patti, Pinchers, Splash, Spot and Squealer.  
    However, in September of 1999 the following coins appeared: Clubby, Peanut, Millennium, Mooch and Quackers! 
    In November of 1999, gold or  gold/silver versions of Spot, Squealer, Cubbie, Pinchers and Splash were discovered.  On the gold/silver versions of the coin, the Beanie and the Ty logo appear in silver while the rest of the coin is gold.  On the front of the coin is the Ty heart logo surrounded by the words 'Beanie Babies Official Club.'  On the back of the coin, the image of the Beanie Baby is engraved surrounded by the words 'Beanie Babies Original 9'  or 'Beanie Babies Official Club.'  The coins  are also engraved with the year, '1999,' on the back.

          Silver Coin:

           Gold Coin:
          Gold/Silver Coin:
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