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01/15/05: New Counterfeit Sakura and Buckingham serial numbers found..


11/08/04: Counterfeit Billionaire 7 has been found...
03/06/04: Woman gets jail time in beanie baby case
01/26/04: Teen charged in Internet fraud case
01/10/04: Internet vendor acquitted of most charges


11/14/03: Seller blames partner in fraud case
10/29/03:: Beany Babies at heart of court case
10/20/03:: Paybacks Ordered In Beanie Baby Hoax
07/07/03:: Two more counterfeit Buckingham Serial Numbers Found!
06/26/03:: New counterfeit Buckingham Serial Number Discovered!
05/11/03:: Minnesota man pleads guilty to Internet fraud


09/15/02: Newest Counterfeit Sakura found!
09/17/02: Watch out another counterfeit Buckingham
05/15/02: More counterfeit Nipponias and Sakura Tush tag numbers!
05/08/02: Counterfeit Zips going around...
05/01/02: Warning about buying oddity Champion Beanies
04/05/02: Bank seeks return of their Money from Beanie spending...
04/01/02: Another Counterfeit Buckingham Number
03/18/02: 2 More Counterfeit Buckinghams
03/14/02: Another Counterfeit Buckingham
03/12/02: Counterfeit Nipponia Found
03/12/02: Possible E-Mail Scam for Beanies!
03/12/02: Counterfeit Nipponia Found
03/12/02: Ebay Scam for Authenticated Clubby IV
03/11/02: 2nd Counterfeit Buckingham this month Found!
03/07/02: Another Counterfeit Buckingham!
01/30/02: Counterfeit Buckingham Warning!
01/23/02: And yet another Counterfeit Sakura found!
01/20/02: Peggy warns of another Sakura Counterfeit!
01/15/02: Mary Beth explains Fake Sakura
01/11/02: More Counterfeit Buckinghams Found
01/08/02: Counterfeit Ty Signed Clubby IV's


12/08/01: Counterfeit Certificates of Authenticity
12/06/01: More Counterfeit Sakura Numbers!
11/24/01: Peggy G. clears up confusion regarding Sakura Buddy
11/12/01: Which Pinchers is Real?
10/09/01: More Counterfeit Sakura Beanies Found
09/25/01: Peggy Identifies two more Counterfeit Tush Tag Numbers
09/09/01: Raw Data: Beanie Baby Fraud!
08/24/01: Counterfeit Nipponia Tush Tag Number Identified


12/05/00: Ty makes a Counterfeit Newsflash
10/02/00: Internet Fraud Concerning Beanie Babies and Computers
06/07/00: Three Charged in Net Scam
06/07/00: Law Enforcement targets Net Auction Scams
03/08/00: San Diego man pleads guilty to Beanie Scam
02/14/00: State Files suit, Beanie Fraud!
02/14/00:Consumer Protection Week


03/04/99: Man Tries to pass off Beanie Fraud
03/05/99: Fake Beanie Babies meant for Sourvenirs State Buyers


01/20/98: $600 Lost of Fake Beanie Babies
03/10/98: Beanie Babies Busted at the Border
04/14/98: Ty sets up Counterfeit Hotline
10/09/98:Beware of Internet Auctions
10/29/98: Two Charged in Beanie Baby Internet Fraud
11/03/98: Bidding in an Online Auction? Beware of Scams
11/20/98: $500,000 in Bootleg Beanie Babies Seized in England
11/24/98: Beanie Addict Goes to Prison
12/04/98: Fake Toys Flood Market
12/05/98: Drug Gangs Cash in on Bogus Toys
12/22/98: Customs Seizes huge loads of Fake Beanies


09/07/97: Beanie Babies cheap in Beijing
12/27/97: Counterfeit Beanie Babies Surface in AZ IL AND MN
12/30/97: Better Business Bureau Warning

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