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What is Ty Doing?

Ty has put many things in place to help make the process of creating counterfeit Beanie Babies more difficult. This includes the creation of holographic tush tags and more detailed hang tags. Ty products are also made very well, something that is difficult and often not found with counterfeits.

Ty has also put into place hot-lines, announcements on the website, and sends letters to those known to be selling counterfeit Beanie Babies.

And most importantly Ty keeps a watchful eye out at all times! Online auctions with counterfeit, stolen and even unauthorized products are often removed by Ty within hours of their placements!

Ty even makes an attempt to keep the public informed by posting newsflashes on his website regarding counterfeits!

12/05/00:Ty Makes a Counterfeit Newsflash!
04/14/98:Ty sets up Counterfeit Hotline


Even since the first generation Hang Tags Ty has been making it difficult for counterfeiters to reproduce his tags! Ty's tags have always been made of a high quality paper, thick, with a gold foil around the outside. Most counterfeit tags are made with a paper of lesser quality, the gold foil is typically uneven and not smoothly cut.


During March of 2000 Ty's hang tags started appearing with a shiny holographic star on the front! This definitely makes things more difficult for counterfeiters! Read about all of the Hang Tag generations here!


Ty's tush tags have used watermarks with holographic images to help stop counterfeiters! The watermarks and holograms are very difficult to reproduce cheaply (which is the point of counterfeiting Beanie Babies). Holograms first appeared on tush tags in January of 1999 on what is now called the 7th generation tush tag. The tush tag has changed already several times since this 7th generation tag, by changing the designs often this makes counterfeiters jobs far more difficult in keeping up with things! Read about all of the Tush Tag generations here!


Ty Beanie Babies have always been considered very high quality. Without thinking about it, this has been what has made Ty Beanie Babies most difficult to counterfeit. Counterfeit Beanies usually are either over stuffed, under stuffed, the wrong color, the material feels cheap, the stitching is bad, body parts sometimes are uneven, ribbons used are wrong and the list just continues!


On April 14, 1998 Ty, Inc. set up a Beanie Babies Counterfeit hotline to report sellers, people, stores etc who are selling counterfeit Beanies.

The number for the hotline is: 1-888 317-5489


The following is a letter from Ty, Inc. that was sent out to those thought to be selling counterfeit Beanie Babies on eBay.com:

Dear XXXX:

We are litigation counsel for Ty Inc., the manufacturer of BEANIE BABIES plush toys. As you are undoubtedly aware, Ty Inc. has created and extensively marketed and sold its distinctive line of plush toys throughout the world. The BEANIE BABIES and TY marks also identify Ty Inc. as the source of its products, and Ty Inc. owns strong and protectable rights in its BEANIE BABIES and TY marks, and has registered these marks in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

We have recently discovered that you attempted to auction through eBay, Inc., "reproduction" plush toy products, specifically, xxxx (Item No. xxxx), xxxxBear (Item No. xxxx), and two xxxx (Item Nos. xxxx and xxxx). The sale of these toys is without the authority or approval of Ty Inc. Copies of auction pages for xxxxand xxxx are attached as Exhibits A and B.

Marketing and sale of these products violates counterfeiting and other federal and state laws. We hope to resolve this matter amicably. In order to do so, we must receive your written response to the following demands within seven days of the date of this letter:

1. Immediately withdraw the referenced products, and any other products that constitute colorable imitations or simulations of Ty's BEANIE BABIES products from any online or live auction or other sales or marketing forum or advertisement, and desist from engaging, directly or indirectly, in any such sales or marketing in the future;

2. Deliver the referenced products, and any other counterfeit plush toy products that constitute a colorable imitation or simulation of Ty's BEANIE BABIES products that you possess, to our offices by overnight, insured courier; and

3. Provide us, in the space below, with the name, address, and telephone number of the person or entity who gave you the referenced products, and a description of the circumstances surrounding that exchange:

Please sign this letter and return it to us with the counterfeit products within seven days, indicating that you agree to comply with the above demands.


Lisa M. Thomas, Esq.
Gardner, Carton & Douglas
321 North Clark Street, Suite 3400
Chicago, Illinois 60610
312 245 8494

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