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Contacting Ty, Inc.

The following is a list of information I have compiled regarding contacting the different departments within Ty Inc. I do not know if all of these are still active however!

Main Address for Ty Inc. is:
Ty, Inc
P.O. Box 5377
Oakbrook, Il 60522
Second known Address:
807 Blackhawk
Westmont IL 60559
Other Contact Info:
280 Chestnut Ave.
Westmont, IL 60559
Phone: 630-920-1515
Fax: 630-920-1980
Ty Europe Ltd Contact Info:
Fareham Reach
Fareham Road
Tel: 01329 829 828
Fax: 01329 222 723
Old Ty Canada Address:
Ty Canada Unit #2
73 Industrial Parkway N.
Aurora, Ontario
L4G 4C4

Main E-mail address: yourfriends@ty.com

Beanie Babies Official Club E-mail Address: bboc@cyrk.com

Name Names Email address for reporting bad retailer: namenames@ty.com

Beanie Babies Official Club phone number: (806)741-0815

Hot Line Number For Fakes/Counterfeits: (888)317-5489

Ty Hot Line Number For US Customs: (888)317-5488

Complaint Department Address for Ty, Inc:

    Complaint Department P.O.
    Box 5377 Oakbrook, Il 60522

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