BBOC Original Nine Checklist
This is a checklist of all Beanie Baby Official Club Original Nine Beanie Babies
All of the BBOC Original Nine Retired on 03/09/06!
___ Brownie the bear
___ Chocolate the moose
___ Cubbie the bear
___ Flash the dolphin
___ Legs the frog
___ Patti the platypus (Fuchsia - light color)
___ Patti the platypus (Raspberry/Magenta - medium color)
___ Patti the platypus (Deep Fuchsia - dark color)
___ Pinchers the lobster
___ Punchers the lobster
___ Splash the orca whale
___ Spot the dog (without a spot)
___ Spot the dog (with a spot)
___ Squealer the pig
Total Number of Items Listed: 14
(Checklist generated on 11/28/2005)