1st Generation Beanie Babies Checklist
These are all the Beanie Babies that can have a 1st generation hang tag!
___ Ally the alligator
___ Blackie the bear
___ Bones the dog
___ Brownie the bear
___ Chilly the bear
___ Chocolate the moose
___ Cubbie the bear
___ Daisy the cow
___ Digger (orange) the crab
___ Flash the dolphin
___ Goldie the fish
___ Happy (gray) the hippo
___ Humphrey the camel
___ Inky (tan with no mouth) the octopus
___ Legs the frog
___ Lucky (7 felt spots) the ladybug
___ Mystic (tan horn/fine mane) the unicorn
___ Patti (deep fuschia) the platypus
___ Patti (raspberry) the platypus
___ Peking the panda
___ Pinchers the lobster
___ Pinchers (Punchers tag) the lobster
___ Quacker (wingless) duck
___ Seamore the seal
___ Slither the snake
___ Speedy the turtle
___ Splash the whale
___ Spot (w/o spot) the dog
___ Squealer the pig
___ Teddy Brown (old face) the bear
___ Teddy Cranberry (old face) the bear
___ Teddy Jade (old face) the bear
___ Teddy Magenta (old face) the bear
___ Teddy Teal (old face) the bear
___ Teddy Violet (old face) the bear
___ Trap the mouse
___ Web the spider
Total Number of Items Listed: 37
(Checklist generated on 10/7/2004)