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What is Beanieology you ask? Beanieology is the study of Ty Beanie Babies® and the terminology that surrounds them. Have you ever been reading a Beanie Baby® news list or reading an auction website and run into a Beanie Baby® related word that you didn't know or understand? If you have this is the place for you! Here you will learn everything you need to know about the strange language of Beanie Babies®! 

This is an excellent place for the new Beanie Baby® collector or the seasoned collector who is new to the internet.

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authentic Someone is claiming that the Ty Product is an authentic Ty product and not fake. However do not take this to mean it has been authenticated. See definition of authenticated below.
authenticated This Beanie product has been sent to a reputable authentication service to verify the product is not fake. These Beanies should come sealed in a clear box and come with a certificate of authenticity.
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Basket Beanies Mini Beanies meant to be hung around on things! Just like the Jingle Beanies!
BBOT Beanie Baby Board of Trade - A feature that was added to the Ty.com website to let people place ads to buy/sell/trade Ty products!
BBOTM Beanie Baby of the Month - A club created by Ty that sends a new Beanie Baby automatically to your door each month! Order online at Ty.com!
Beanie Babies Understuffed plush toys that usually have some polyfill inside to add the shape and detail of the Beanie. They contain PVC or PE pellets. Beanie Babies are approximately 8 to 10 inches long. For this site Beanie Babies refer only to the ones made by Ty Inc.
Beanie Buddies A product line introduced in late 1998. Beanie Buddies are larger versions of Beanie Babies. Some of them look different from their Beanie counterparts and some Buddies do not have existing Beanie Babies. (Tangerine, Trotter, etc.)
Beanie Baby Official Club (BBOC) The Official Beanie Baby® club started by Ty. See our BBOC section for more information.
Bopper A doll like plush line Ty introduced later in 2001. Visit the Ty Bopper home page here!
BRB BRB means "Be Right Back" and is usually seen in chat rooms and on internet chat boards.
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Canadian Tags This refers to the fact that Beanie Babies® sold in Canada are required to have an extra larger white tush tag, so this means Canadian beanies have three tags total. One is in French and the other in English. See our tags section for more information.
current This refers to beanies that are current and have not yet been retired, they are usually easier to get when compared to retired beanies.
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Ebay Ebay is one of the most popular auction websites on the internet. It is located at www.ebay.com. The site is very popular for auctioning off Beanie Babies®. Watch out for fake beanie babies® on any auction site. Check out our spotting fakes section and our "Buying, Selling and Trading Online" article to learn the do's and don't about auctions.
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fastener The red (or sometimes with older beanies, clear) piece of plastic that connects a beanies hang tag to the beanie.
feedback Feedback is a form of comments, praise or negative given to someone from another person who has used the services (bought a beanie from someone, traded with someone) of another. If a transaction goes well Positive feedback is typically left, and if a transaction doesn't go as excepted Negative feedback is usually left.
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generation Generation usually refers to the tags of a Beanie Baby®, older ones start with 1st generation tags, and they go up from there. See our tags section for more information.
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heart tag (also called swing tag) The heart tag, which is also called a swing tag, is the tag shaped like a heart usually located near the top of your beanie, such as on an ear. This tag sports the Ty logo and usually information of where Ty Inc. is located, the Beanies® name and a poem and birthday date. See our tags page for more information.
HTF Acronym for Hard To Find.Usually refers to beanies that are in high demand and difficult to find. Often they are retired beanies.
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Internet Exclusive A Beanie Baby or Beanie Buddy that can only be ordered online through the Ty Store section of the Ty website. (ex.-Soar the Eagle, Speckles the Bear, America Red the Bear, etc.)
ISO Stands for: In Search Of, used on trading boards when people want to trade for a certain beanie.
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Jingle Beanies Christmas ornaments that look like Beanie Babies. This product line was introduced in September of 2001. In early 2002, Ty introduced Basket Beanies, which were like Jingle Beanies but they had an Easter theme.
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locket Some tag protectors are called locket protectors because they open up like a locket. The hang tags also open up like a locket.
LOL Means "Laughing Out Loud" - usually seen in chatroom and other online forums.
loved Usually means the beanie has been played with and loved by a child. Usually in non mint condition, maybe missing tags, bent tags, worn look to the fur.
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MetaExchange MetaExchange is a website located at www.metaexchange.com, the site is for selling products, mostly Ty Beanie Babies®. The site is also referred to often because it shows the current market value of Beanie Babies® that are for sale.
mint Term often used to refer to tag and beanie quality. Mint should be used only when the tag/beanie is in crisp, perfect, new condition.
MIP Means Mint In Package, usually refers to Teenie Beanies that are in their original packaging.
MWBMT Mint With Both Mint Tags - means both tags are mint.
MWMT Mint With Mint Tags - Means the Beanie Baby® contains perfect mint tags, this should include both the tush and swing (heart) tags.
MWNMT Mint With Non-Mint Tags - This means the beanie itself is mint, however its tags are not, this can mean it doesn't have a certain tag at all, or that a certain tag is in non mint condition, usually this is the hang tag and it typically has creases in it.
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Newbie The name given to a new collector, a collector with little knowledge, someone just learning the art of Beanie Collecting.
New Face (NF) This refers to the  "new face" on beanie baby bears, where they have a stitch across the nose. Nearly all releases since 1997 have had this new face. However, in 2000 with the release of the 2000 Holiday teddy, a newer face beanie bear was released, these are often to referred as "Pooh Faced."
Newsgroup A moderated or unmoderated forum for talking about a particular topic. Users typically register, created a user name for themselves and post text based messages.
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Old Face (OF) The "old face" on beanie baby bears without a stitch across the nose. The OF teddies are generally more expensive since they are an older style. There are very few of these original bears.
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PE PE means polyethylene pellets (beans). PE pellets are tiny plastic beans used to stuff the Beanie Babies®, this is what allows you to arrange the beanie in different positions. You can tell which ones your beanie has by looking at the tush tag.
PLMK Stands for Please Let Me Know. Often used in trading and selling posts when a poster is waiting to hear from someone.
Pooh Face The nick named given to the newest faced bear created in 2000 with the introduction of the 2000 Holiday Teddy. These bears have a "Pooh" appearance to them, they also have large bellies.
PVC PVC pellets which were also used to stuff beanies in the past (like PE pellets). This older type of pellet called polyvinylchloride are thought to be of higher quality when compared to PE pellets, and beanies with PVC pellets often sell for 2-3 times for on the secondary market. You can tell which ones your beanie has by looking at the tush tag.
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retired Beanie babies that are no longer in production, these beanies typically are now only available on the secondary market.
ROTFL Means "Rolling On The Floor Laughing", often seen on internet chatrooms and other online forums.
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Secondary Market The market  in which merchandise is offered to the public by means other than a retail or wholesale channel. Usually found on auction sites.
Secondary Market Value The amount an item is worth in the Secondary Market. 
Sports Promotion Some Beanie Babies® have been given away at Sporting Events, these beanies typically come with a card.
swing tag (also called heart tag) The swing tag, which is also called a heart tag, is the tag shaped like a heart usually located near the top of your beanie, such as on an ear. This tag sports the Ty logo and usually information of where Ty Inc. is located, the Beanies® name and a poem and birthday date. See our tags page for more information.
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tag protector (s) A tag protector is a piece of plastic that is made to surround your Beanie Babies® tags. This is to protect them from the elements, such as light, water and dust. For more information read our Tag Protectors Section.
teenie beanie (TBB) A Teenie Beanie Babies® is a small version of a Beanie Baby® that was produced to sell or give away at McDonalds® usually with the Happy Meals. Read our Teenie Beanie's article for more information.
tush tag A tush tag is the tag on the rear end of your Beanie Baby®, or the tush of your beanie. There are many generations of these tags, to find out which one your beanie has read our Tags page!
Ty Ty or Ty Inc. is the name of the company that produces Ty Beanie Babies. Ty is also the name of the founder of the company and creator of Beanie Babies®, H. Ty Warner. Read our history section for more information.
Tylon The soft fabric used for beanie babies. I think it may be only used for Buddies right now?
Tyhair (Tysilk) A fabric which is used on several products distributed by Ty. This fabric is used mostly on Beanie Babies.
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VHTF Means "Very hard to find." Usually used when referring to having a very hard to find beanie.
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WTT Stands for: Willing to trade.
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