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    Beanie Mania Cardz were produced in 1998 by Michael Trevors & Associates. These cards were not authorized by Ty, they were also produced before Ty created cards of their own!
    These cards were not as elaborate as the Official Ty cards. There are 3 different types of cards, Common Cards, Heart Cards and Flag Cards. 
    Each box contains 36 packs and each pack contains 8 cards. There are 7 common cards and one laser cut card (Heart or Flag).
    There are 85 different common cards, plus 2 cards that make up a checklist. Some cards even sport a Beanie and their Teenie Beanie counterpart from the McDonalds 97 and 98 Teenies. 
    There are a total of 7 Heart cards, including Fortune, Erin, Garcia, Princess
Diana, Valentino, "The Dinosaur trio" and Peanut. I think these are the rarest of the laser cut cards to get. 
    There are 6 different laser cut Flag cards, including Glory, Britannia, Princess, "The American Trio", Peking and Maple. 
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