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The following are parties Ty, Inc. has been involved in a lawsuit with:

Over the years Ty Inc. has had to defend it's Beanie name more then a few times, legal history has been made with Beanie Babies, every thing from the first fight to who really owns a domain name to using Beanies to promote someone elses products. Trademarks and copyrights are very important to Ty Inc. as shown through the many cases listed below:

Can Polymerics, Inc use the name Teenie Beanies? Ty Inc. v. Polymerics Inc!

10/20/03: Ty Inc v Softbellys Inc. - Softbelly’s manufactures a very similar looking and feeling product that it calls "Screenie Beanies."

10/04/02: Ty Inc v Ruth Perryman - Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals holds that a reseller of "Beanie Babies" did not violate the Federal Trademark Dilution Act

01/26/02: Ty Inc. v. BeanieCanada.com

Case Number Title Filing Date Last Updated
1:88cv06993Creative Marketing Concepts Inc v. Ty Inc00/00/00 00/00/00
1:92cv00878Rego v. Kellogg00/00/00 08/09/94
1:93cv03478Ty Inc v. MJC-A World Quality00/00/00 07/24/95
1:94cv02202Ty Inc v. Boyds Collection Ltd00/00/00 08/30/94
1:94cv03334Re-Creations v. Ty Inc00/00/00 06/05/95
1:94cv05611Cannon v. Ty Inc 00/00/00 06/28/95
1:95cv02978N Amer Bear Co Inc v. Ty Inc05/18/9509/19/96
1:96cv00922Ty Inc v. Great Amer Fun Corp02/16/9611/19/97
1:96cv03610Ty Inc v. Applause Inc00/00/00 11/13/96
1:96cv05360Ty Inc v. Div Sales Inc 00/00/00 11/19/96
1:96cv05944Ty Inc v. Imperial Toy Corp09/16/9607/28/98
1:96cv08465Ty Inc v. GMA Accessories Inc12/23/9608/29/99
1:97cv00741Ty Inc v. Novel Exp02/03/9704/08/97
1:97cv01653Ty Inc v. Idea Nuova Inc03/11/9706/04/98
1:97cv04090Ty Inc v. Top Bloom USA Inc06/05/9710/23/97
1:97cv04927Ty Inc v. Walgreen Co07/11/9711/24/97
1:97cv05163Ty Inc v. Goffa Intl Corp07/21/9701/15/99
1:97cv05798Ty Inc v. 3C & L Intl Corp08/15/9712/05/97
1:97cv06014Ty Inc v. Sae Ho Inc08/25/9705/18/98
1:97cv06168Ty Inc v. Plushland Inc08/29/9707/08/98
1:97cv06575Ty Inc v. Gen Mills Inc09/17/9712/08/97
1:97cv07377Ty Inc v. Zangeen Inc10/22/9702/09/98
1:97cv08895Imperial Toy Corp v. Ty Inc12/23/9703/23/99
1:98cv00613Ty Inc v. King Plush Ent Inc01/30/9806/30/98
1:98cv00884Ty Inc v. KMart Corp02/11/9808/02/00
1:98cv00994Ty Inc v. Svc Mdse Co Inc02/17/9802/10/99
1:98cv01500Ty Inc v. Books A Million Inc03/12/9805/13/98
1:98cv02175Ty Inc v. St Players Holding04/08/9805/13/98
1:98cv02596Ty Inc v. Laux Designs Inc04/28/9804/28/99
1:98cv03817Ty Inc v. Antique Trader Pub06/19/9809/17/98
1:98cv03871Ty Inc v. Mazmanian06/23/9809/11/98
1:98cv04090Ty Inc v. Waxworks Collectable07/02/9804/07/99
1:98cv04091Ty Inc v. W Highland Pub Inc07/02/9804/05/99
1:98cv04469Ty Inc v. McCarthy & Assc Inc07/21/9807/16/99
1:98cv04472Ty Inc v. Waxworld07/21/9812/18/98
1:98cv04510Ty Inc v. Giddy-Up Inc07/22/9811/03/99
1:98cv04569Ty Inc v. QVC Inc07/24/9806/25/99
1:98cv04652Ty Inc v. Johnny Goodsport Ent07/28/9805/19/99
1:98cv04726Ty Inc v. MBC Collection Inc07/30/9801/12/99
1:98cv04788Ty Inc v. Friends & Fun Inc08/03/9801/25/99
1:98cv04935Ty Inc v. Rigmaiden08/10/9805/24/99
1:98cv05218Ty Inc v. Ltd Treasures08/21/9803/05/99
1:98cv05348Ty Inc v. Palladium08/27/9812/29/98
1:98cv05389Ty Inc v. C & C Eng08/28/9812/01/98
1:98cv05900Ty Inc v. Ad Ventures Mgt Grp09/22/9803/24/99
1:98cv06225Ty Inc v. Schroeder Pub Co Inc10/05/9806/06/00
1:98cv06314Ty Inc v. Enor Corp10/08/9810/12/99
1:98cv06318Ty Inc v. Salvino Inc10/08/9811/03/99
1:98cv06410Ty Inc v. Phone Card10/13/9802/18/99
1:98cv06544Ty Inc v. JS Toys Inc10/16/9804/06/99
1:98cv06545Ty Inc v. Beanie Kings Inc10/16/9803/08/99
1:98cv07043Ty Inc v. Postcard Press Ltd11/03/9801/19/99
1:98cv07915Ty Inc v. AKA Pub Inc12/10/9804/30/99
1:98cv08419Ty Inc v. Shamy12/30/9804/28/99
1:99cv00051Ty Inc v. Hudson01/06/9904/27/99
1:99cv00217Ty Inc v. Costco Wholesale01/14/9906/25/99
1:99cv00396Ty Inc v. Brian Wallos & Co01/22/9903/26/99
1:99cv00692Ty Inc v. Collett02/03/9907/17/00
1:99cv01344Ty Inc v. Beanie Baby World 03/01/9905/05/99
1:99cv01493Ty Inc v. Amer Design Grp Inc03/05/9906/29/99
1:99cv01685Ty Inc v. Bronsten03/12/9912/30/99
1:99cv01846Ty v. H&S Media Inc03/19/9905/02/00
1:99cv01882Ty Inc v. Avon Prod Inc03/22/9909/02/99
1:99cv01913Ty Inc v. Normoyle03/23/9909/09/99
1:99cv02057Ty Inc v. Jones Group, Inc03/29/9909/08/00
1:99cv02237Ty Inc v. PC Syst Inc04/05/9901/25/00
1:99cv02262Ty Inc v. ASI Intl04/06/9905/19/99
1:99cv02723Ty Inc v. Advanced Internet04/26/9908/03/00
1:99cv02786Ty Inc v. Joy04/27/9909/24/99
1:99cv02830Ty Inc v. Resources Intl Inc04/29/9908/23/99
1:99cv02895Ty Inc v. Royal Plush Toys Inc04/30/9905/20/99
1:99cv02996Ty Inc v. Moss05/05/9906/08/99
1:99cv03291Ty Inc v. Bruce05/18/9909/09/99
1:99cv03394Ty Inc v. Beanie Outlet Inc05/21/9901/10/00
1:99cv03526Ty Inc v. Fiocca05/27/9908/31/99
1:99cv03548Ty Inc v. Zviely05/27/9908/25/99
1:99cv03620H&S Media Inc v. Ty Inc06/01/9906/29/99
1:99cv03798Ty Inc v. Amer Plastics Inc06/08/9910/06/99
1:99cv04199Ty Inc v. Beanie World Inc06/24/9910/27/99
1:99cv04251Ty Inc v. Grand Regal Intl Ltd06/25/9910/14/99
1:99cv04299Ty Inc v. Magos06/29/9911/03/99
1:99cv04553Ty v. Race World Dist Inc07/09/9909/27/99
1:99cv04579Ty Inc v. C W Intl Inc07/12/9909/30/99
1:99cv04682Ty Inc v. Classic07/16/9901/06/00
1:99cv04702Ty Inc v. 1st Pac Trst07/19/9909/21/99
1:99cv04759Ty Inc v. Starburst Inc07/21/9902/15/00
1:99cv04788Ty Inc v. Does07/22/9903/23/00
1:99cv04800Ty Inc v. Nici M + O Pfaff07/22/9901/07/00
1:99cv04954Ty Inc v. Rosie Wells Ent Inc07/28/9902/28/00
1:99cv04979Ty Inc v. Janlynn Corp07/29/9911/10/99
1:99cv05141Ty Inc v. Marvel Ent Inc08/06/9908/03/00
1:99cv05179Ty Inc v. LeClair08/09/9908/22/00
1:99cv05180Ty Inc v. Walgreen Co08/09/9901/11/00
1:99cv05215Ty Inc v. Boomerang Software08/10/9910/12/99
1:99cv05247Ty Inc v. Buckman Holdings Inc08/11/9901/13/00
1:99cv05274Ty Inc v. Medias & Co Inc08/13/9905/15/00
1:99cv05532Ty Inc v. Clark08/24/9903/09/00
1:99cv05530Ty Inc v. Natl Collector Inc08/24/9903/15/00
1:99cv05565Ty Inc v. Pub Intl Inc08/25/9909/07/00
1:99cv05893Ty Inc v. MK Dist Inc09/08/9910/20/99
1:99cv05895Ty Inc v. Team Beans LLC09/08/9912/22/99
1:99cv06304Ty Inc v. Beanierama.Com09/24/9901/27/00
1:99cv06303Ty Inc v. Bleachers Card Corp09/24/9903/22/00
1:99cv06345Ty Inc v. Craven09/27/9902/07/00
1:99cv06500Ty Inc v. Versimedia Inc10/04/9903/07/00
1:99cv06538Ty Inc v. Carter10/05/9902/15/00
1:99cv06517Ty Inc v. Qcom Inc10/05/9901/31/00
1:99cv06519Ty Inc v. Luckexcell Inc10/05/9911/24/99
1:99cv06583Ty Inc v. MSH Prod Inc10/07/9908/28/00
1:99cv06829Ty Inc v. Bjork10/19/9907/17/00
1:99cv07317Ty Inc v. Rainbow Tags Inc11/09/9902/08/00
1:99cv07407Ty Inc v. Venia11/12/9903/06/00
1:99cv07573Ty Inc v. Does11/19/9907/17/00
1:99cv07570Ty Inc v. Simplicity Pattern11/19/9906/06/00
1:99cv07588Ty Inc v. US Media Holdings11/22/9908/18/00
1:99cv07623Ty Inc v. Keene Ventures Inc11/23/9906/20/00
1:99cv07619Ty Inc v. McDonald11/23/9904/05/00
1:99cv07673Ty Inc v. IHOP Corp11/24/9901/14/00
1:99cv07936Ty Inc v. Heilig-Meyers12/07/9912/17/99
1:99cv08121Ty Inc v. Tarcza12/14/9903/01/00
1:99cv08141Ty Inc v. Falstad 12/15/9905/15/00
1:99cv08190Ty Inc v. Perryman12/16/9908/22/00
1:00cv00015Ty Inc v. Does01/03/0004/21/00
1:00cv00359Ty Inc v. Sirak01/19/0003/29/00
1:00cv00358Ty Inc v. Agnes M Ltd01/19/0005/30/00
1:00cv00432Ty Inc v. Totally Ty Prod LLC 01/24/0006/20/00
1:00cv00509Ty Inc v. Hall01/26/0006/07/00
1:00cv00782Ty Inc v. Schlicher02/08/0007/10/00
1:00cv00910Ty Inc v. Harvey's Wallhangers02/14/0006/05/00
1:00cv00984Ty Inc v. Rauch02/17/0008/29/00
1:00cv01078Ty Inc v. Hard Rock Cafe Intl02/23/0005/25/00
1:00cv01562Ty Inc v. Leahland03/14/0006/08/00
1:00cv01580Ty Inc v. Winey03/15/0008/31/00
1:00cv01772King v. Ty Inc03/23/0009/01/00
1:00cv02290Ty Inc v. Amazon.Com Inc04/13/0007/28/00
1:00cv02435Jimenez v. Ty Inc04/21/0008/07/00
1:00cv03884Ty Inc v. JC Toys Grp Inc06/27/0008/28/00
1:00cv05126Ty Inc v. US Toy Co Inc08/21/0008/31/00
1:00cv05230Ty Inc v. Softbelly's Inc08/24/0008/28/00
1:00cv05513Ty Inc v. Kyce Inc09/07/0009/08/00
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