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During an annual Kids for Kids event held to raise funds for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation in New York City, many Celebrities signed over 50 Ariel Beanie Babies to be auctioned off on the Ty.com TyTrade website. Each Beanie is not only celebrity signed but also signed by Ty Warner himself!

The following is a list of all the Ty and Celebrity Signed Ariel Beanies Babies that were auctioned off on the Ty website:

More details:

Ariel signed by David Schwimmer from Friends & Ty Warner

Christina Aguilera Concert Package

Britney Spears & N'SYNC

For more information about why Ariel was Created Click Here!

Auction Name
Winning Bid
Total Bids

Alec Baldwin Ariel $600 5 Bids
Andre Agassi Ariel $1,500 4 Bids
Andy Garcia Ariel $300 1 Bid
Angela Bassett Ariel $280 4 Bids
Anthony Edwards Ariel $280 2 Bids
Antonio Banderas Ariel $420 5 Bids
Ashley Judd Ariel $1,700 17 Bids
Ben Savage Ariel $300 3 Bids
Billy Crystal Ariel $1,580 16 Bids
Billy Gilman Ariel $500 7 Bids
Britney Spears Ariel $1,520 33 Bids
Brooke Shields Ariel $1,005 49 Bids
Calista Flockhart Ariel $650 6 Bids
Chad Lowe Ariel $300 5 Bids
Cher Ariel $540 19 Bids
Christina Aguilera Concert Package $1,710 38 Bids
Cindy Crawford Ariel $2,840 23 Bids
Courtney Cox & David Arquette Ariel $810 7 Bids
Cuba Gooding Jr. Ariel $370 5 Bids
Dan Aykroyd Ariel $460 17 Bids
David Duchovny Ariel $570 9 Bids
David Schwimmer Ariel $400 5 Bids
David Wells Comm. Card $1,000 43 Bids
Demi Moore Ariel $630 6 Bids
Donna Dixon Ariel $250 1 Bids
Drew Barrymore & Tom Green Ariel $400 13 Bids
Dustin Hoffman Ariel $1,490 36 Bids
Faith Hill Ariel $2,510 29 Bids
George Clooney Ariel $4,010 9 Bids
Goldie Hawn Ariel $500 12 Bids
Grant Hill Ariel $260 2 Bids
Gwyneth Paltrow Ariel $1,050 34 Bids
Harrison Ford Ariel $1,060 36 Bids
Heather Locklear Ariel $1,030 10 Bids
Helen Hunt Ariel $610 6 Bids
Henry Winkler Ariel $380 11 Bids
Hillary Clinton Ariel $3,500 7 Bids
Hillary Swank Ariel $300 2 Bids
Jack Nicholson Ariel $1,020 20 Bids
James VanDerBeek Ariel $680 6 Bids
Jamie Lee Curtis Ariel $560 8 Bids
John Elway Ariel $1,000 12 Bids
Kevin Bacon Ariel $1,600 29 Bids
Kevin Spacey Ariel $1,230 12 Bids
Kim Basinger Ariel $1,110 18 Bids
Kimberly Williams $370 10 Bids
Kirby Puckett 5x7 Card $410 3 Bids
Kobe Bryant Ariel $530 6 Bids
Larry Walker Baseball Bat $100 4 Bids
Leelee Sobieski Ariel $280 3 Bids
Lisa Kudrow Ariel $1,380 19 Bids
Lucy Liu Ariel $400 7 Bids
Madonna Ariel $1,100 19 Bids
Mary Steenburgen Ariel $260 2 Bids
Matt Damon Ariel $890 6 Bids
Matthew Perry Ariel $620 11 Bids
Mel Gibson Ariel $2,805 34 Bids
Michael Glaser Ariel $600 14 Bids
Mike Myers Ariel $510 11 Bids
*N Sync Ariels(5 total) $2,550 19 Bids
Nicole Kidman Ariel $2,000 9 Bids
Pierce Brosnan Ariel $1,010 8 Bids
Richard Gere Ariel $2,800 16 Bids
Ricky Martin Ariel $850 9 Bids
Rob Lowe Ariel $570 12 Bids
Robert DeNiro Ariel $1,800 32 Bids
Robin Williams Ariel $510 14 Bids
Roseanne Ariel $350 6 Bids
Rosie O'Donnell Ariel $1,290 34 Bids
Russell Crowe Ariel $750 23 Bids
Salma Hayek Ariel $250 1 Bids
Sarah Jessica Parker Ariel $1,370 24 Bids
Scott Wolf Ariel $350 3 Bids
Sean Hayes Ariel $550 9 Bids
Shaquille O'Neal Ariel $290 3 Bids
Sugar Ray Leonard Ariel $400 3 Bids
Ted Danson Ariel $300 5 Bids
Tiger Woods Ariel $50,500 125 Bids
Tom Cruise Ariel $1,500 25 Bids
Troy Aikman Ariel $1,075 29 Bids
Yasmine Bleeth Areil $370 12 Bids
Wayne Gretzky Ariel $540 13 Bids
Winona Rider Ariel $1,020 10 Bids

Christina Aguilera

Ty announced the following on September 25, 2000:

Christina Aguilera
     Join Grammy Award winning "Best New Artist" Christina Aguilera in San Diego on October 10, 2000 as she performs your favorite hits from her multi-platform album during her very first headlining concert tour.

Your journey begins as you and your guest receive two round trip airlinetickets (within the continental U.S.) provided by Continental Airlines toSan Diego, California. You will also receive two nights' accommodations (oneroom, double occupancy) at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort, San Diego, CA.Upon your arrival, get ready to have the time of your life! Not only willyou receive two tickets for this "can't miss" concert and enjoy a luxurious

limousine ride to and from the event, you will also be escorted backstage to meet and, circumstances permitting, be photographed with Christina before (or after) the concert because your package includes two impossible to get backstage passes! Make sure you have your cameras (and smiles!) ready. Additionally, you will be presented with an "Ariel" Beanie Baby that has been hand autographed by Christina.

To recap, this auction includes the following: 2 Concert TICKETS and Backstage Passes for the October 10th 2000 Concert in San Diego, California at Coors Amphitheatre. 2 round trip Air Line tickets (within the continental U.S.) provided by Continental Airlines to the Christina Aguilera concert. 2 Nights Accommodations at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort, San Diego, CA.

Limousine transportation to and from the event provided by Precision Limousine.

An "Ariel" Beanie Baby hand autographed by Christina.

Britney Spears & N'SYNC

Ty announced the following on October 21, 2000:


Coming soon to TyTrade.com

Signed Ariels

The Britney Spears autographed Ariel Beanie Baby sold for $1,520 US on Ty Trade on October 25, 2000. The picture to the left was featured on the TyTrade website during this auction.
This auction included 5 Autographed Ariel Beanie Babies all included in one auction! This auction was put up on Ty Trade on November 2, 2000 and had five Ariels, each signed by a member of the five member pop music band, *NSync.

These Ariels sold for $2,550 with a total of nineteen bids.
Signed Ariels

The above image and the following two images and text are from the www.pedaids.org website! Please visit them and give them your support!

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

In 1986, Elizabeth and Paul Glaser discovered that Elizabeth and their two children, Ariel and Jake, were infected with HIV. At that time, HIV infection rates were rising rapidly among children.There was no coordinated research of the disease's effect on children and none of the drugs used for treating adults with AIDS were tested or approved for children. In an effort to save Jake's life, Elizabeth joined two friends, Susie Zeegen and Susan DeLaurentis, to create the foundation that now bears her name.

Ty, Inc. auctioned Ariel Beanie Babies, autographed by some of your favorite celebrities, including 98 Degrees.

All proceeds from these unique bears will benefit the Foundation. Look for different autographed Ariel Beanie Babies on Ty's website. (Ty doesn't currently have a auction board anymore.)

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