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The Zodiac Series of Beanie Babies were considered the first Beanies created as a series. They were first announced in August of 2000 via billboards on the side of the road. Each sign displayed one of the Zodiacs with the words "Beware of" following the name of the Zodiac Beanie it should beware (according to the Chinese Zodiac)

This really was the first time Ty had ever used a means of advertising not through the website.

The following list shows where each reported sign was located:

City: Beanie on Sign: Beware of: Location:
Chicago, IL Dragon Dog Rt. 176 exit ramp
Union City, NJ Dragon Dog 31st Ave. & Bergeline
Los Angeles, CA Dragon Dog 405 Freeway
Minneapolis, MN Dragon Dog Highway 62 East & 34th Ave.
Cleveland, OH Monkey Tiger 480 Westbound, Between Broadway & Transportation Blvd exits
Denver, CO Monkey Tiger Lincoln Street in Downtown Denver, South of 6th Street, South side of Channel 2 FOX studio building
Harrisburg, PA Monkey Tiger I-83 North of 13st St.
Houston, TX Monkey Tiger South Loop & Main
Memphis, TN Monkey Tiger 1375 I-240 3000 N/O Summer
Washington, DC Monkey Tiger Robert Crane HWY/South Rt. 50
New York, NY Snake Pig Van Wyck Expressway,Towards White Stone Bridge by Shea Stadium
Orlando, FL Snake Pig 7019N-W/S of SR-435 - 25 miles north of I-Drive, 7026E - S/S of US-192, 1 mile east of SR 535
Dallas, TX Snake Pig I-183 West of County Line Road
Atlanta, GA Snake Pig I-75 Highway

On August 03, 2000 the following newsflash was posted on the Ty.com website:

Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL
Cleveland, OH
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Harrisburg, PA
Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Memphis, TN
Minneapolis, MN
Union City, NJ
New York, NY
Orlando, FL
Washington, DC

Beware . . . They’re coming ! . . . 8/15/00

A few days later the following newsflash was announced:
Beware...They're getting closer !
Remember . . . expect the unexpected !
You won't be disappointed ! . . . Ty
At this point in time no one knew what was coming yet! Ty later appeared on the TyTalk message board to tease collectors and ask them what they thought was coming! He didn't leave any extra clues!

Finally August 15 rolled around but nothing happen! No announcements on the Ty website! Retailers had no clue as to what the big surprise was! It wasn't until reports about the billboards started spilling in that we began to understand what was happening!

The Zodiac Series was proudly displayed at the New York International Gift Show on August 19 through August 23, 2000 for retailers to see! Than finally on August 24, 2000 the official Ty website displayed the new Zodiacs and presented reading with information about each Zodiac Beanie and its characteristics! Retailers were also given the following cards to give to customers about the Zodiacs: Front Here & Back Here!

Click on each name for read about that beanie and see pictures!

Dog, Dragon, Goat
Horse, Monkey, Ox
Pig, Rabbit, Rat
Rooster,Snake, Tiger
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