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On February 28, 2005 Ty announced a new line of products called Pinkys. Nine of these new Pinkys are Pinky Beanie Babies, the rest are the size of Ty Classics or Buddys. Two of the Pinky Beanie Babies are little purses (Fab & Chic) that have a zipper in the back and open up to place things inside of.

Pinkys were first showed to retailers at the 2005 American International Toy Fair in New York City February 20-23. At the show Ty Inc. gave away mini Jingle Beanie sized Pinky Poo's to retailers placing an order. Click here for a Close up look at all three sizes of Pinky Poo!

Checklist of all Pinkys!

The 9 first Pinky Beanie Babies were:
Pinky Poo [Pic] [Tag]
Rosa [Pic] [Tag]
Chenille [Pic] [Tag]
Dazzler [Pic] [Tag]
Julep [Pic] [Tag]
Silky [Pic] [Tag]
Baubles [Pic] [Tag]
Fab (purse) [Pic] [Back] [Tag]
Chic (purse) [Pic] [Back] [Tag]

The first medium buddy size Pinkys were:
Shimmers [Pic] [Tag]
Lil' Gloss
Gloss (little larger then a buddy)
Ratzo [Pic] [Tag]
and a Pinky Poo.

My favorite new Pinky Ratzo!

Hang tag design of the Pinkys Beanie Babies:

Hang tag design of the larger versions:

Fab the Poodle purse Beanie Baby:

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