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    Confused about Peace Bears? I think we all have been at one point or another! Peace was introduced May 11, 1997 where it was an instant success and highly sought after by collectors! Collectors didn't want just one of these ty-dyed masterpieces, in fact some people have hundreds! The special ty-dyed bears are all unique and different, no two alike! This made collecting Peace Bears an art, and for some people very difficult! The following pages will help you learn to identify Peace bears in several different ways:

Identifying Peace Bears by Color - Peace Bears have generally been classified into the following 6 different color groups: Autumn, Neon, Pastel/Whitewashed, Spring, Summer Transitional & Vivid.

Identifying Peace Bears by Tush Tag Number - Another popular way to organize and identify Peace Bears is by looking inside of its tush tag for a number contained inside of a red circle stamp.

Identifying Peace Bears by Manufacturing Location - The rarest Peace Bears were manufactured in Indonesia!

Identifying Peace Bears by Tag Generations - Peace bears can be found with 4th or 5th generation hang tags, and 3rd - 6th generation tush tags.

Checklist of all Peace Bears

Collector's Corner & Gallery

What do avid Peace collectors have to say about Peace Bears and their collection? We interviewed a few Peace fanatics to see! We have also put together a Peace gallery for your viewing. You can view Peace Bears based on their tag generations, colors and more! Do you have a Peace Bear or two or 100 you would like to share with aboutBeanies? Send us a note here!

Click here to view the Peace Bear Gallery

For a great collection of Peace and Garcia Bears visit Adam's Peace Bears & More page! Great pictures of tons of Peace Bears!


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