Interview with Char (Peace-i-Love)

Question: Do you have one favorite Peace Bear? If so why?
Answer: It's positively hard to choose any one particular Peace beanie as a favorite, but I would have to say that mine would be, my 115FH that is on the gallery page, #10 of 26, the colors of this Peace are so amazingly striking and I love it. The dark-neon Peace, are my fave!

Question: What made you start collecting Peace Bears?
Answer: I started collecting Peace bears, because of their coloring, I am truly fascinated with Ty-Dye especially; dark-neon Ty-Dye. The multitude and intensity of their colors, just blows my mind.

Question: Do you know how many Peace Bears you have?
Answer: My current head-count for my Peace bear collection is, 123. I could have sworn I had more than this. I may have some put away, but this isn't very likely. I would box-up all other beanies, before I would EVER box-up a Peace.

Question: Do you collect certain ones for certain reasons?
Answer: I would have to say, Non-stamped FH /Deutschland are my most treasured Peace bears and my most sought after. They, to me, have the most fascinating color. I could care less about a stamp number, this is not; why I collect them nor; do I collect them to make a re-sale profit, they are for my own personal gratification only.

Question: What do you suggest to others who want to start collecting Peace Bears?
Answer: I really cannot make any suggestions to potential collectors of Peace bears, because I only collect them for their color. But! I will add one, maybe two suggestion(s), 1.) Do not overpay for one and, 2.) Watch out for the seller's that love to enhance their photos of their Peace that is for sale. *I bought a Peace for $57.00 about a year ago from a seller on eBay, the photo she had of it on eBay made it look more stunning than any I had. Anyway; I received the Peace and to my astonishment, it was the drabbiest Peace I'd ever come across, she used black lighting to enhance the coloring effect of the Peace. *If you look at a Peace in an auction really good, you can tell which are enhanced and, if you are still not sure, e-mail them and ask for more photos.

Question: Where do you normally buy your Peace Bears? Any suggestions to those looking to buy Peace Bears?
Answer: I have purchased all of my Peace bears from auctions. Most are from eBay sellers; (cemerson1@cinci.rr.com, esbeanies3@aol.com,ekwiese@aol.com,cjimmn, and LotsofPeace, are just a few of the sellers I buy from on eBay), but I do buy from; BidVille; (temasek and rjmartin) and Yahoo auctions;(jadegreenbeans). I have found, that these 3-auction sites have the most varied selection to offer. One more note: **Be a reader of Feedback & Ratings of a seller!

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