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Manufacturing Locations
Throughout the years Ty has had his Beanie Babies manufactured in several different countries, including China, Korea and Indonesia. Peace Bears were made in either China or Indonesia. Almost all of them will be found with "Handmade in China" on their tags. However, a rare few will have "Handmade in Indonesia" on them. Indonesian Peace bears have some very special qualities to them. It is believed that Ty only made Beanie Babies in Indonesia for a short period of time because the quality coming out of those factories was very poor. This can be seen in most Beanies with Indonesian tags.


Indonesian Beanie Babies often looked counterfeit as they were made so poorly! The stitching often looks off and bad, and the general look and feel of them is different when compared to others. Despite these flaws some of the most beautiful colored Peace Bears came from Indonesia, and are some of the most sought after Peace Bears all together! Some of the most prized Peace Bears with Indonesian tags are the Pastel and very bright neon ones! Also a note to remember about Indonesian bears is that there is no stamp inside of the tush tags!

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