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Patti the Platypus
Signed by Patricia Roche
Head of Ty Europe

On February 25, 2003 I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to bid on a charity auction for a Patti the Platypus signed by Patricia Roche, the head of Ty Europe.

Patricia Roche is Head of Ty Europe and has been with Ty since he first began making Beanies. Ty named Patti, one of the original nine beanie babies, after Patricia Roche.

Patricia kindly agreed to sign a Patti Beanie for Sue Owen to auction for Cancer Research UK.

Sue Owen has been auctioning off special signed Beanie Babies and Chubbleys signed by many different celebrities for months now, Patti being one of a many! Sue calls her work "Collect for Life"!. Sue continues to do charity work and has a website at www.boglin.net , be sure and check it out for the latest charity auctions!

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