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Happy New Year!
January 01, 2003

To ring in the New Year for all of the Beanie collectors out there I have been collecting stories from collectors to bring back the memories of why we all started collecting, the people and friends we have met & made while collecting and what makes us Beanie collectors!

I got my first Beanie Baby when I was around 5 or 6! It was Chocolate the Moose, I then later got Fetch the Dog and Mac the Cardinal. Then I just stopped even thinking about them until around 2 years ago, my friend bought me one for my birthday and I was right back in there! I now buy one or two every time I can! Since I'm only 13 I don't have alot of money, but the money I do have goes to new Beanies, beanie cases, beanie everything! - Lindsay

I started collecting beanies due to my kids wanting them at an auction. They saw them and asked if they could have them. One just loved Gigi and the other one got Tiny. The over taking of the house ordeal started from there. They are EVERYWHERE you look. In the kitchen, on the computer, in our room, the kid's rooms, the living room, etc....no room is without a beanie. Yes, even the bathroom. Hehehe. Gotta love them everywhere you go. I have met some wonderful friends due to beanies. If the wonders of collecting ever comes to an end, the friendships never will. I believe that is the best part of collecting anything. (the friends you meet!) Thank you all for making collecting beanies so much fun!! - Mindy

Ok, how did I start collecting Beanies? Well, in May of 1999, I was at a party in South Beloit. At the party was this one lady who was giving away Beanie Babies. She gave me a chihuahua named Tiny. I liked the craftsmanship and detail of Tiny, and I noticed other kids carrying around Beanies as well. I asked the lady who gave me Tiny if she had other Beanies. She nodded and took me to her room. She had a cabinet full of Beanies! Some were oversized (Beanie Buddies), and some were extremely small (Teenie Beanies.) I was pretty amazed at what I was seeing! And from that day, my collection went from just one Beanie to 222! - Randy

I started Collecting in 1998 with the Teenie Beanies but then when I saw what the regulars looked like I decided to collect the Regular size ones. So I told mom that I want to collect Regulars instead of teenies. I just love Beanie Babies with all my heart. My memorable Beanie Story was when I opened my christmas present and saw my Sarge Regular size beanies that my Boyfriend (Serge) bought me and I was thrilled that I kissed him to death. I was sooo happy to get Sarge for Xmas. - Gen

I started with one beanie it was mystic the unicorn. When I seen her I just had to have her, since I really love unicorns at the time and still do a little. I didn't realize how popular these beanies were until I was watching Shop at Home on television and seen what they were selling and realized that I had one. Then I started to get the books and realized that I have fine mane mystic. Then when the others came out I bought them and couldn't get regular mane mystic until a co-worker was selling some of her beanies and she had the missing mystic. Now I have all the mystics and the new charmer. I only collect the ones I like now since I have so many all around the house. -Karen

When my daughter was little she got several beanie babies as gifts. She thought they were cute and so did I but didn't have a clue that they would be all that they have become. Because she loved them so much she wanted to take them to bed with her SO... not wanting her to get scratched - I CUT OFF ALL THE TAGS!!! I can hear your groans from here. LOL I admit I have done some daydreaming about having them all unloved and tagged again but I guess when it comes down to it- they did what they were supposed to do - give and get a lot of love! -Sharon

I have always loved stuffed animals, horses in particular, but I never really saw "what was so great" about these new little understuffed things called "beanie babies". The year was '97, and they'd been out awhile, and at any local "happening", every vendor there had a million of them with ridiculous prices on them. I used to snort with laughter as I saw grown men and women pawing through the heaps of smiling, fluffy little beanie babies, thinking how crazy someone would have to be to do that.

But I got my comeuppance. We'd just had a humongous thunderstorm that almost tore Metropolis and Paducah off the map, but we were so grateful that the deluge of wind and rain ended, we decided to put on some ugly old shoes and plow through the mud at the county fair anyways. We could at least pick up a lemonade shake-up, a bag of curly fries, and possibly win a teddy bear by throwing those purposely-dulled darts at the balloons on the midway.

We'd just passed one of those beanie vendors, when I began looking for a trash can to throw away my empty lemonade cup. I spotted one, and walked up to it. It had overflowed quite a bit, and there was paper and stuff all around it.

I noticed something in the mud that didn't look quite like paper though. It had little sprigs of stiffened, dirty yarn coming out of it... and two black eyes... and a tail...

I ditched my cup, and risked getting "germy". I nudged it with my foot to dislodge it from another cup, and picked it gingerly up by that brushy little yarn tail.

It had no ear tag, but I knew what it was. It was one of those blasted little Beanie Babies! It was crusty with mud, and sodden with what I'd hoped was rainwater (smell affirmed it was indeed just water), and looked so pitiful. I was half angry at the thing for making me risk hepatitis by picking it up, but I felt so sorry for that nasty little creature that I had to wrap it in some napkins I had, and tote it home with me.

When I got home, I gave it a full bath in the sink, with antibacterial handsoap. I dried it with the hairdryer, and then began to study it.

It's head didn't look anything like a horse, and it had little blunt nubs for legs, not hooves, but the spriggy mane and tail indicated it was indeed Equine. The tag said "Derby".

Derby. Hmm. Well, he'd seen better days on the track than today, so I plunked him down on a dresser and forgot about him for awhile.

I saw several more derbies in other stores, and none of them impressed me overtly, but when my boyfriend came home three years later with another poor, bedraggled horsey soul, I noticed that this one had the same "heart tag on the tush" as Derby. "Oats", it said.

Well, they made MORE horses? I had to get me some of these. I had an oats and a derby- what more were there? Any other colors? Any Unicorns?

I soon found out. We went to a horse show, and afterwards to the mall, where for some strange, ironic reason, they were having a HUGE Beanie Sale= all throughout the mall. I found a vendor selling them cheap, and...

.... it began. that day forward, I was A Beanie Collector. Pawing through piles to find a Ziggy here, a Mystic there... joking with the other women and vendors, the whole nine yards.

I started out with one soggy little horsey, and now I have over a hundred of these things- NOT just horses, either. Cute bears. Sweet alligators, Dogs, Cats, even a BEETLE!

HOW did this HAPPEN? Did Derby spawn some recessive collection gene marker in my DNA? Was he coated with some magic powder like a drug that commands me to rescue beanies from "potential unfriendly owners'??

I don't know, but I'll always be grateful for each of my 100+ smiling friendly, fuzzy faces each morning when I wake up and see them.

I'll be grateful always for the tons of friends I've made trading, buying, selling, and sharing these Beanie Babies on this site. This was, in fact, the first beanie baby site I'd ever logged onto to become a member at. The others weren't nearly so friendly, so I kept passing them over again and again..

But here I am! To stay! -Crystal

well it was all my daughters fault - LOL - it's always easier to blame it on somebody else. She saw some at a friends house and started bugging me for one, so like a good Mom I went online and started searching - thats how I found ebay - so really, that addiction is her fault too!! Well, my search finally took me to TyTrade, to try and order Speckles (only took me 2 weeks till I finally got my first order to work with them - and than I ended up with 16 of them). The good thing about spending so much time on TyTrade was of course that I entered the Olympic Contes - hehehe - you know what happend than ;) - I was the lucky winner of 12 Ty signed Zodiac Beanies - nothing more addicting than to win such a great price! Sadly, I have just recently stopped collecting Beanies - to many, to fast - and not enough money to go around. I have now deceided to spend my money on Chubbleys - just can't resist those cute little belly buttons ;) - Nicole

I started collecting in 1999 (summer I think) when Mom won a raffle prize. The prize included Gigi & Mystic and some of the '99 Teenies. I collect mostly the bear Beanie Babies but have others too, and Buddies. Have most of the Teenies, all the Jingle & Basket Beanies, one Kid, and a few Attics. I don't really know why I continue to collect these things. Seems silly at times. It's a chore to try to keep up with and there are SO many I'll never even see, let alone own, myself. Guess it's just an addiction I can't seem to break. Hello, my name is Marc, and I'm a Beanieholic. LOL!!! With all of the complaints & criticism of Ty Warner and his company (myself included), he should be commended for creating something bigger than just the stuffed animals which have his name. He's created a COMMUNITY of collectors, who are a BIG family, not merely friends, who share stories not only of collecting, but times of great joy and of sorrow. From my fairly short time collecting, I've really seen this in a number of Websites and groups/clubs/forums. -Marc

Just recently I have been in search of a bear that I did not even know was out there until i read Ty's chat and news section of the web site. Since I am a big fan of all Ty bears I had to read more. It turns out that that Ty joined with Cracker Barrel in creating a wonderful creation! "Herschel the Cracker Barrel bear!" At first I was in disbelief. I asked myself, "Is it really a Ty bear?...Or just a Cracker Barrel bear?" And low-and-behold, it was truly a Ty bear, and of course I was instantly in love. I searched at the Halmark in my home town and various other stores and couldn't find Herschel anywhere!. Then the thought struck me....."The Cracker Barrel bear is probably 'at' Cracker Barrel silly." But there are no Cracker Barrel restaurants in my home town! I have to move fast at this point because there may not be anymore left by the time I reach the next town (30 mins away). All I can do is pray. Thank the Lord, I make it there safe and sound.....I run inside. I get to the section were the restaurant normally keep all of their beanies, but I don't see Herschel!!! Franctically, I run to the check out counter and ask the cashier what happened to Herschel.....and she smiles and says that there are just a few left. Thank you cashier!!! Thank you Jesus!!! I was able take home my precious treasure that I so diligently searched for. -Tonya

I have been collecting beanies with my girls since 1997. My girls only like certain beanies now, but I get them al. I am really looking forward to seeing what the beanies of the month will be. it will be nice to get a beanie in the mail every month. I am also curious as to what new products Ty will come out with this year, since he's retired a few lines. I hope that we will see alot more different types of beanies this year !! - Bridgee

One story about beanie collecting that comes to mind is trying to track down a Tiny beanie for my son's (Danny) 9th birthday. Tiny was released on January 1, 1999 and Danny's birthday is February 13. That didn't give me a whole lot of time!

Beanie lines were around at that time and if you missed, you missed! Which in this case I did. The flower shop at which I buy beanies held a Saturday morning sale. We got in line early, but unfortunately they ran out of Tiny before I got to the counter. :o( Oh no, what was I to do?

I took a chance and purchased a rainbow mane Mystic, which had not been seen before, in hopes of trading it with one of the two secondary stores in my area for Tiny. It worked! One of the stores agreed to make the trade with me!!! Phew!!!

It's almost 4 years later and Tiny still sits on a shelf in Danny's bedroom along with his Taco Bell chihuahuas. :o) - Cheryl

I don't really know why ai srarted to collect beanies. Maybe 'cause a friend started to. I still collect 'cause ai am addicted to these cute overpowering little critters.

I still have most of what I collected 'cause nobody wants my extra "stuff".

I just recently got a PVG . I couldn't believe I got him so cheap. He is just the most beautiful color of Gold. - Bonnie

How I became a beanie baby collector!

Beanies and children................. children and beanies.............. sounds good together.... right? Just like a hot dog and a bun, a bird and his song or a computer with its mouse. Seems inseparable to me. That's the way I saw it as an elementary school librarian in '95 and '96 when Ty's beanies seemed to be in every child's tightly fisted hand on campus. They could bring a beanie a day and that was fine with me as I, myself, didn't pack away my fuzzy childhood friends until I was in high school.

As I watched the little critters sit in laps during storytime, I could see how easily they submitted to the child's will; crunched, stuffed, stretched out or just peeking. What great props these would make for storytelling, I thought ingenuously! I could dress them up and use them for book displays, or puppets, and kids who didn't have any could take one of mine to "shop for a book with a friend." I was so smart!

Little did I know that after hours of dressing and posing them, and making up stories around them, that I, too, would get twisted in their little legs and arms and want them all for my very own. My library was already a magical place with a ceiling-high rainbow, trees stretching out of the floor and life-sized astronauts floating over our heads. After beanies walked thru the door it became an irresistible place!

So beanies reigned and their hand-drawn portraits covered my walls as they had their 'days in the sun.' They captured a lot of us, during that time; the adult beanie collector was born. But MY fun still came from sharing my finds with the kids I encountered each day and logging onto Ty's site with them to see what was coming our way.

But reality returns, as I tell my tale and it's the year of our Lord, 2003. I'm now retired because of a disability and I no longer hear the children's laughter or share stories of beanie delights. My beanies from those years sit on their shelves, dressed to the 'nines' with no place to go. Do I enjoy them any less? Heavens no! If anything they mean more to me now as we both share memories of those times. They surround me on shelves my husband has built, in my favorite room, staring with eyes that twinkle with light when the sun shines, or even the moon.


P.S. See my magical library or some of my beanies in my photo album at

I started collecting Beanies when my grandmother gave me one. I had always enjoyed stuffed animals, and one time she came to visit with Freckles in her hand. Not knowing it was a collector's item, I just tore the tag off and played with it. Little did I know that in the next five years my Beanie population would jump from one small lepherd to a zoo of almost 400 beanies. Although Ty items aren't as "hot" as they once were, I still collect Beanies, and in 2003, I hope that Ty will come up with a way of making the two words "Beanie Babies" a household name-- again. - David

My first beanie was gave to me for my birthday in 1997, which was NUTS! Since then I've been NUTS about beanies! I now work at a store that sells TY and my beanies come cheaper now! Beanies have brought our family most enjoyable memories with standing in line for hours, meeting and making new friends. I just don't know what I would be doing now with my money if I wasn't collecting beanies.

Beanie Crazy,

I started collecting beanie babies in 1999. I enjoyed seeing their pictures in Mary Beth's Beanie World back when it was called that and I really wanted to start collecting. And so one day I went into ROUND THE WORLD in the mall and bought Stretch and Early. It was so cool. And since then I've been collecting beanies. I have over 50 in my collection. - Chris

The reason I started collecting beanies is because my friend collected them. When ever I would go to her house I'd see them and thought they were so cute. My first beanie was Mystic the unicorn which I bought during a little day trip to Plattsburgh NY. Since then everytime I vist a new place I bring back a beanie. The ones that I enjoy most collecting are thoses related to specific holidays or events. I also collect the common beanies if I think they are cute . - Mysticlicorne

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