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Name: Released: Retired: Poem:
Angel 01/08/00 Retired Birthday: March 29, 1994
Be my best friend and then you will see,
how very, very special you are to me!
Babe-e 12/16/02 Current Birthday: January 01, 2003
My fondest wish for you and me
A healthy, happy 2003!
Baby 2002 12/01/01 01/01/02 Birthday: January 01, 2002
My fondest wish has just come true
To spend a brand new year with you!
Blondie 01/01/01 Retired Birthday: January 2, 1995
Please dress me up and take me out,
making friends is what it's all about!
Boomer 01/08/00 01/25/02 Birthday: August 11, 1994
I like being noisy, it's lots of fun,
then I get attention from everyone!
Buzz 07/12/00 Retired Birthday: November 24, 1997
My hair is short, so is my name
Please take me home and we'll play a game!
Calypso 07/12/00 Retired Birthday: June 28, 1997
Please be my friend, give me a chance
We'll sing all day and then we'll dance!
Chipper 01/08/00 08/11/00 Birthday: July 20, 1997
Happy and cheerful, big hugs for all,
smiling and laughing - life is a ball!
Cookie 07/12/00 Retired Birthday: April 5, 1995
My name is Cookie and you'll agree
I'm as sweet as sweet can be!
Curly 01/08/00 08/10/00 Birthday: March 02, 1997
My curly hair is a sight to see,
a pretty bow makes me cute as can be!
Cutie 01/08/00 01/25/02 Birthday: December 26, 1996
I can't help but give you a hug,
in your arms is where I feel snug!
Dumplin` 04/04/02 Retired Birthday: April 2, 1995
Being outside is so much fun
Let's have a picnic in the sun!
Ginger 01/08/00 Retired Birthday: June 12, 1992
Everyone says I'm all sugar and spice,
so when we play, I'll always be nice!
Jammer 01/01/01 01/25/02 Birthday: July 09, 1992
Take me home and you'll agree
I'm as cool as I can be!
Luvie 01/01/01 Retired Birthday: February 14, 1994
All my love I give to you
I hope you love me that much too!
Noelle 10/01/01 01/01/02 Birthday: December 10, 1994
Family, friends and lots of cheer
This is my favorite time of year!
Precious 01/08/01 06/25/02 Birthday: May 15, 1993
Hey, look at me and give me a smile,
take me home and we'll play awhile!
Princess 07/12/00 Retired Birthday: March 23, 1996
My hair is pretty, it's long and brown
Should we put it up or leave it down?
Rascal 01/08/00 Retired Birthday: April 15, 1995
Hear me giggle and watch me dance,
I'll make you laugh, so give me a chance!
Shenanigan 01/01/01 Retired Birthday: March 17, 1993
I'll bring you luck the whole year through,
if you keep me close to you!
Specs 01/01/01 Retired Birthday: September 25, 1991
Learning is so much fun to do.
May I go to school with you?
Sugar 12/01/01 02/08/02 Birthday: September 22, 1996
They say that I'm as sweet as pie
Once you see me you'll know why!
Sweetie 12/01/01 Retired Birthday: September 23, 1996
Cute as a button, sweet as can be
That's how I got my name, you see!
Tumbles 01/08/00 Retired Birthday: September 03, 1996
A little bit naughty I'm known to be,
make sure you don't take your eyes off me!
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