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The Beanie Babies Grew Up!

After a month of hints and tips from Ty Inc. about a new product on its way, on September 30, 1998 Ty announced the first 9 Beanie Buddies - Bear, Cranberry Teddy, Humphrey, Jake, Quackers, Rover, Royal Blue Peanut, Stretch and Twigs. Each new Beanie Buddy looked like the grown up version of their Beanie Baby!

Twigs the Beanie Buddy is one of the hardest to find Buddies, and fetches one of the highest prices on the secondary market for a Buddy!

Then just like Beanie Babies with each new announcement of Ty product along came several new Buddies! Buddies were a hit, they were perfect for cuddling and taking to bed, great for a snuggle and a hug! Like Beanie Babies, Buddies also had some beans in them, though usually in their feet. Buddies were extra soft and mostly made from a new material Ty called Tylon!

Like Beanie Babies, Buddies went through several generations of tags and designs. Though most Buddies have little value they are still a favorite among the kids and a great gift and collectible!

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