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Basket Beanies were introduced on 01/29/02 and appeared to be the Spring Tyme version of Jingle Beanies! They have the same features as the Jingle Beanies, they are about 3 inches tall and have a piece of ribbon attached to the top of their heads to let you hang them on anything! View the original announcement here!

On March 29, 2002 Ty retired all 6 of the original Basket Beanies! Each year a few more Basket Beanies are announced.

Click here for a checklist of all Basket Beanies

First set of Basket Beanies released:


Basket Beanies 2004:

Basket Beanies 2005:

Basket Beanie Tags 2002:

For some reason Ty decided to make the hang tags on the Basket Beanies a bit smaller than normal Beanie Baby tags! Even the Jingle Beanies tags were the same as all over Beanies! So Ty if you are reading this please answer why! hehe

Here is a comparison photo to see the size differences:
Click on image for a larger view!

Hang Tag Close Ups:

Tush Tag Close Up:

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