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BabyTy was introduced Tuesday, January 4th, 2000 on the Ty.com website. The BabyTy line was created to replace the Pillow Pals. Both lines were created for young children.

BabyTy products are soft and made for cuddling! They have no sharp edges are parts that could potentially fall off or become hazardous to young children. All BabyTy have a rattle inside of them, perfect for a Baby!

All BabyTy are made with Ty's patented fabric, Tylon. Each BabyTy is approximately 13" inches tall and are all produced with soothing pastel colors! The left side of each BabyTy is an embroidered Ty heart logo.

The first BabyTy retirement occurred on June 26th 2000 quietly on the Ty Retailers website, http://www.ty-retailers.com.

Visit the Official BabyTy website here!


On November 1, 2001 Ty introduced four new BabyTy! However, these four new little guys are very special because they are no longer made with Tylon, they are made with a new Ty patented material called Tyhair! These little guys are even softer than their counterparts!

This new style still contains the rattle, however they look more like the old Pillow Pals collection, they are flatter in shape, unlike the plump roundness of the first BabyTy.


The suggested retail price for BabyTy is $10 US.


There are two generation of BabyTy tags:


All BabyTy hang tags look like Beanie Baby tags, they open like a locket, and are the same size! They look a lot like 3rd generation Beanie Baby Tags, with the large "Ty" font! The BabyTy tags also have the word "Baby" written in Blocks! This first generation tag had the Babies name written inside on the right in the center of the tag, with the Ty website underneth. The inside left of the tag said "The Pillow Pals Collection," followed by a list of the 4 Ty headquarters, ŠTy Inc., ŠTy Canada, ŠTy Europe, and ŠTy Japan, with "Made in China" written underneth.

All first generation hang tags also have the following Tush tag with Tylon:

The fact that these BabyTy still said "The Pillow Pals Collection," inside confirmed what was thought, that BabyTy replaces the Pillow Pals. It was thought that someday Ty would print "BabyTy" on the tags, however to this day that still has not yet happen!


In January of 2001 several new BabyTy were introduced! Along with the introductions came new Tags! These tags again looked more like the 3rd generation Beanie Baby tags! They now have a spot inside on the right to write TO and FROM! Other than that the tag remained the same!

The first BabyTy's with 2nd Generation tags had the Tylon tush tags above, it wasn't until November 1, 2001 that BabyTy started appearing with the following Tyhair tush tags:


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Baby: Style #: Released: Status: Tags:
Antlers the moose Retired Thank you God, for all I see, As the sun shines down on me.
Ba Ba the lamb Retired Thank you God, for the sun and daylight, And for the twinkling stars, the moon and night.
3200 01/04/00 Retired: 11/08/01 1st
3209 01/01/01 Retired: 11/08/01 2nd
3210 01/01/01 Retired: 11/08/01 2nd
3204 01/04/00 Retired: 01/21/01 1st
Carrots the bunny Retired All the families are special, big or small, Thank you for my family, I love them all
Chewy the beaver Retired As we bow our heads to pray, Thankful for each busy day.
Clover the rabbit Retired
11/01/01 Retired 2nd
11/01/01 Retired 2nd
11/01/01 Retired 2nd
Cutsiemoosie Retired
3202 01/04/00 Retired: 11/08/01 1st
3207 06/24/00 Retired: 11/08/01 1st
Elephanthugs Retired
3201 01/04/00 Retired: 02/27/01 1st
3206 06/24/00 Retired 1st
3212 01/01/01 Retired: 11/08/01 2nd
Huggy Retired Help me to do what is right,
Watch over me day and night.
? 12/27/01 Retired ?
? 12/27/01 Retired ?
Huggyducky Retired
3211 01/01/01 Retired: 11/08/01 2nd
Kolala the koala Retired Be with me as I climb a tree, Be with me as I run free.
11/01/01 Retired 2nd
3205 01/04/00 Retired: 01/21/01 1st
Meow the cat Retired As the day ends and turns to night, Thank you God, for each twinkling night.
3203 01/04/00 Retired: 06/26/00 1st
Moo the cow Retired
3208 06/24/00 Retired 1st
Oink the pig Retired
Paddles the platypus Retired God thank you for the sun and sea, And all the things that are special to me.
Peekiepoo Retired
Red the bull Retired
Ribbit the frog Retired God, please make my life a little light, To help make the world a little bright.
Rusty the raccoon Retired Thank you God for the sun and moon, Thank you for my new raccoon.
Sherbet the bear Retired Dear God, be with me as I start my day, Please watch over me during school and play.
Snap the turtle Retired Help me to be kind and sweet, Help me to be clean and neat.
? 12/27/01 Retired ?
Squirt the elephant Retired God loves the world and sky so blue, So smile, God loves you too.
Swinger the monkey Retired God, thank you for the flowers and trees, And all the animals we get to see.
Tubby the hippopotamus Retired
Tygerhugs Retired
Woof the dog Retired A good friend is the best thing to be, God help me be one to those who need me.
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