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BBOC Clubby 1 Kit


Ty reopens the long awaited arrival of the BBOC, Beanie Babies Official Club early this morning! There are three new offers for club members, a Clubby 4 Buddy, a new Bopper named Cuddly Crystal and a set of four Jingle Beanies!

Last night most of us were lucky enough to receive an email from Clubby IV telling us of the upcoming opening of the BBOC! You can read this letter here!

The new site also offered a newsletter from Clubby IV, which we will be able to purchase at retailers soon, the letter offered information about Ty's History, Boppers, Jingle Beanies and the MasterCard Bear Offer! An interesting thing Ty has done with the new Clubby IV kits is to have released them with different color pins! There are gold, silver and multi-colored pins! Also there are randomly Ty signed Buttons! So of course us nutty collectors will at least seek out one of each color and hope for a Ty Signed one! (The image on the right is from the BBOC site newsletter!)

Sadly all of the new Clubby IV and BBOC stuff is only open to people with U.S. addresses! I would have thought that after several years of selling products Ty would have had this worked out by now! I feel for those of you outside of the U.S.! Especially since the last Clubby was offered to those in other countries!

Another surprising thing Ty has done is eliminate the need of the previous Club cards, all you need to do is get a new kit and you are than entitled to all the same benefits as those who bought the previous two kits!

There are currently a lot of complaints on the TyTalk boards about not being able to order from outside of the U.S. A few people seemed disappointed in what was being offered, but the majority seemed quite pleased and happy, myself included!

On the page with the new BBOC newsletter Ty also offered a .pdf color file restating everything, it even included a card your could print out. ( I am hoping these will be mailed out to members soon!)

I have archived the BBOC PDF Newletter Here!
(To read the above PDF file you need Adobe Acrobat! Download that here!)

You can visit the Official Club page here!
Here are some pictures from the Ty website:

Screen shot of the main BBOC Page:

What is being offered on the BBOC Page:


The Clubby IV Kit isn't really much of a kit, there isn't anything in the box except the Beanie and a piece of paper telling you how to join the club and what you can order online. Each kit gives you the chance to own a Clubby IV with a Multi-Colored, Silver, Gold or one of the above Signed by Ty Warner, button!


The following images are from the packaging inside of the club kit:




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