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Attic Treasures were introduced by Ty Inc. in 1993 with the introduction of 12 new plush animals. This new line followed many of the traditional characteristics seen in collectible plush. Each was handmade with jointed arms and legs.

The original 12 Attic Treasures included: Clifford, Dexter, Fraser, Gilbert, Henry (gold), Jeremy, Reggie, Sara, Tiny Tim, Tyler, Woolie (brown) and Woolie (gold).

The Attic Treasure line proved to be very popular and is still collected by many Ty collectors! They were known for their high quality and great details!

At the end of 2002 rumors started to come out that Ty Inc. was going to stop the Attic Treasure collection starting in 2003. This rumor appeared to come true when in 2003 Ty Inc. removed Attic Treasures from their website making room for newer lines. This was sad news to many collectors!

Some rumors still say the Attics may yet return again someday! Only Tyme can tell though!

Collecting Attic Treasures:

Many people have asked me what Attic Treasures they should collect, or which ones do I think will retain or gain value in the future. While my first answer is only collect those that appeal to you, and second I am not an expert on Attic Treasures and can not predict the future. But I do recommend collecting any of the original 12 Attics mentioned above, any early tagged Attics, especially those 1st and 2nd generation ones!

There are 7 generations of hang tags, and many different variations on tush tags!

And also there are some special Attic's to look out for, one being Tyra.

A Rare Attic - Tyra

Tyra - the cheerleader - Attic Treasure was originally to come out in the fall of 2000, however the first to hit the Ty warehouses had pom-poms that were reported to be a choking hazard to children.

Rumors say these Attics were never to leave the Ty warehouses. Apparently several did, exact numbers are not known however. Most that leaked out (rumored to have even been stolen) had their pom-poms removed to prevent choking. A few did manage to come out with their pom-poms in tact though! These are now some of the most sought after Attic Treasures on the market! Fetching $100's on popular auction website!

Best Source of Attic Treasure Information:

If you are looking for an excellent source of information on Attic Treasures including pictures of all tag generations and information on each Attic , please visit Sal's Attic - www.salsattic.com

There are about 231 different Attic Treasures! For a checklist of them all click below!

Click here for the Ty Attic Treasure's Checklist!

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