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On January 29, 2002 Ty announced a new series of exclusive Beanie Babies titled the Asia Pacific Flower Exclusives. This series consists of a total of 6 new Bear Beanie Babies, each one exclusive to a different country:
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1. Bunga Raya the Bear - Exclusive to Malaysia
2. Ferny the Bear - Exclusive to New Zealand
3. Mugungwha the Bear - Exclusive to Korea
4. Sakura II the Bear - Exclusive to Japan
5. Vanda the Bear - Exclusive to Singapore
6. Wattlie the Bear - Exclusive to Australia

Each of the countries above received not only the Beanie for their country but also limited numbers of the other 5 Beanies. This made collecting the entire series much easier, especially since several of the countries are not big with Beanie Babies like Malaysia.

The following two images are of the original Ty.com announcement:

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