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The most common error on a hang tag occurs on the front and back. The word "ORIGINAL" on the front of many early 5th generation hang tags read "ORIGIINAL" and the word "Surface" on the back of the hang tags read "Suface". This mistake was common on Peace Bears, Blackie, Curly, Ears, Roary and several others. For pictures of these tags read about 5th generation tags here!


  • Pinchers/Punchers: Probably one of the very first spelling errors to occur on a Ty Beanie tag was on Pinchers the lobsters tag, early tags said "Punchers". Beanies with the "Punchers" tag are now very valuable!
  • Quackers/Quacker:Another early mistake was with Quackers, some of Quackers tags read "Quacker" without the 's'.
  • Spooky/Spook: Early edition of Spooky the ghost were just named "Spook". NOTE: This version of Spook must contain the "Designed by Jenna Boldebuck" line on the inside of the hang tag. This was the only Beanie Baby to have a "Designed by" line on its tag!
  • Tusk/Tuck: Another common name error includes Tusk the walrus, many of Tusks early 4th generation hang tags came out with the name "Tuck".


    Some Beanies were originally released under one name and later changed to another name.

  • Cubbie/Brownie: The well known Cubbie the bear was originally released with the name Brownie. Those with Brownie hang tags are very rare and sought after.

  • Peace/Garcia: It is thought that the original Garcia had its name changed to Peace and a peace sign added after legal issues regarding the name Garcia, as the ty-dyed bear and name Garcia often refers to Jerry Garcia from the band The Grateful Dead.

  • Doodle/Strut: Strut was originally named Doodle, rumor has it the name was changed from Doodle to Strut due to legal issues with Chick-Fil-A, the fast food chain, because their mascot is named Doodles!


  • Bone's poem's 3rd line originally said "Your so destructive" all would shout". It should have been a "You're" instead of "Your".
  • Chip's poem with the word mixing spelled "nixing".
  • Chocolate's poems 2nd line spelled 'moose' as "rnoose".
  • Chop's poems 2nd line read "This lamb you'll surly know", should have been spelled "surely."
  • Garcia's poem read "The Beanies use to follow him around" instead of "used to". This was later corrected.
  • Germania's poem went through several errors before being correct. Click here to read about them!
  • Hoot's poem had the word 'quiet' spelled "qutie".
  • Libearty's tush tag had the work Beanie spelled "Beanine".
  • Millennium went though many spelling errors! Click here to read all about them!
  • Scottie's poems 3rd line spelled always, "slways".
  • Snort has been seen with a Snort hang tag that reads "Although Tabasco is not so tall".
  • Squealer's poems first line originally read "Squealer like to joke around". This was later corrected to "Squealer likes to joke around". Also the last line of Squealer's poem contained an error - "This is no doubt he'll will make you smile!"
  • Tank's poem spelled border, "boarder".


    The following Beanie Babies have been seen with different poem variations:

  • Runner has the most dramatic poem variations. Runner was originally released with the following poem, often referred to as the "Mean Poem":
    I'm not so mean, I'm really shy
    But every cobra has to die
    I grab them by their little head
    And whack them till they're stone cold dead!!

    Was later changed to "Nice Poem":

    A ferret, mongoose, weasel or mink
    What am I...what do you think?
    Find a book, look and see
    I'm whatever you want me to be!

  • Bones has been seen with the following two poem endings:
    Bones is a dog that loves to chew
    Chairs and tables and a smelly old shoe
    "Your so destructive" all would shout

    Fourth Line can read:
    -"But that all stopped, when his teeth Fell out!"
    -"That stopped, when his teeth fell out!"

  • Digger has been seen with the fourth line of his poem reading either "Basking in the sun, riding the tide!", or "Basking in the sun and riding the tide!".

  • Sparky has been seen with the following different poem endings:

    Sparky rides proud on the fire truck
    Ringing the bell and pushing his luck
    Gets under foot when trying to help

    Fourth Line can read:
    -He often gets stepped on and lets out a yelp!
    -Step on his and he'll let out a yelp!
    -Often gets stepped on crying yelp!
    -He often gets stepped on crying yelp!

  • Stripes has been seen with the third line of his tag reading "Jungle life was hard to get by" or "Jungle life was hard getting by."

  • Tusk has been seen with the following 4 different poem variations:
    Tusk brushes his teeth everyday
    To keep them shiny, it's the only way
    Teeth are special, so you must try

    Fourth Line can read:
    -And they will sparkles when you say "Hi"!
    -So they sparkle when you say "Hi"!
    -To sparkle when you say "Hi"!
    -So they will sparkle when you say "Hi"!


    The following Beanie Babies have been seen and considered real with white stars on their hang tags instead of the traditional yellow. NOTE: Just because you may have a Beanie with a white star not listed in this list, this in no way means yours is counterfeit.

    Ally, Batty, Curly, Dotty, Lizzy, Pounce, Pugsly, Smoochy, Squealer, Tuffy, Velvet, Wrinkles


    Many Beanie Babies have been seen sporting some other Beanies hang tag, these tag mistakes rarely raise the value of a Beanie. In fact it is very easy to switch tags on a Beanie Baby with one from another Beanie. So if you have one of these oddities, though it doesn't have any higher value, you should hold on to it for your personal collection as something special!

    Example of a Beanie with the wrong tag that added value to the Beanie:

  • Maple: Early Maple Beanie's have a tush tag that says they are Pride. These are very rare and add a great deal of value to the Beanie Baby. This is because Pride the Beanie Baby never really existed.

    Example of the most common tag mixups:

  • Iggy & Rainbow were mass produced sporting each others tag! This is so common that the correct versions are actually slightly hard to find! Click here to read about the Iggy & Rainbow Mix-Up.

  • Echo & Waves also had a very confusing mixup! Echo has been seen with Waves tags, and Waves has been seen with Echo tags! Again like Iggy & Rainbow this was a very common error, many were produced this way, this error does not increase the value of the Beanie's.

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