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Welcome Andrew Reuben Dyson

Born: January 22, 2007 at 1:09pm
Weight: 8lbs. 10oz
Length: 20.5 inches
Born at 37 weeks gestation and perfect!

June 01, 2007:
In March 2007 we moved from California to Surprise, AZ where we bought a house and are just now getting settled into the swing of things with a baby and a house to take care of! My latest favorite photo of Andrew:

Hi everyone, we are all doing great and home from the hospital now. After 17 hours of labor I ended up with a c-section and a beautiful perfect baby boy! I will add some updates later as time allows!

12/19/06: Sweetpea Dyson baby update! Several people have asked for an update on the baby and I finally got around to being able to update aboutBeanies, so here it is! I am now almost 32 weeks along, due in early February. Sweetpea is growing like mad, very large in size! I have been having some problems with gestational hypertension (pregnancy induced high blood pressure) so the doctor took me off of work and sent me home to relax with my feet up for the next two months. Jay (hubby) is taking great care of me, and spoiling me rotten and taking care of everything around the house! (I'm not suppose to do things to raise my blood pressure.)

Otherwise we are doing pretty good, looking forward to a quiet Christmas and Happy New Year! Here are some of the latest ultrasound photos from last week:

09/21/06: 19 weeks... - We did not want to know the sex of the baby, it will be a surpise! Baby is looking great! Hubby and I are also both doing awesome!

Sweetpea at 11 weeks!

Welcome the first aboutBeanies baby - Sweetpea! We are expecting Sweetpea around February 17, 2007! Of course my husband is hoping for Valentine's day! This is our first baby and we are very excited. As I roll into my second trimester I thought it was time to introduce everyone to Sweetpea!

Thank you for sharing in our joy! And please excuse the slow updates on aboutBeanies this year! :)

Marie Dyson

Sweetpea at 8 weeks & 4 days

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