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April 02, 2008

  • ANNOUNCEMENT:   I will no longer be updating About Beanies. I started About Beanies April 2nd, 2001 and it was my first introduction to running a website. What a fun many years it has been! I meet a lot of people along the way and learned so much more then facts about Beanie Babies! I wish I had the time to keep up on the Beanie news and all else important in life, but I can't. Due to space and money I stopped collecting Beanie Babies last year when our son was born and we moved to Arizona. It just isn't the same. I proudly display my curio full of Beanies in our dining room. I suspect they will always be there for years to come.

    The website will stay online for as long I can keep it online. I believe it still offers a wealth of past Beanie Baby information that will benefit collectors for some time. Who knows maybe in a few years when my son is older we will collect Beanies together again! Those Beanie Babies 2.0 sure look cute! Take care everyone! - Marie Dyson (Photos of my son!)

January 05, 2008

  • Happy New Year Everyone! - Wow last year sure was a crazy great year! I had a baby in January 2007, we bought a house out of California, packed up and moved March 2007 and headed to Arizona! We had a great 1st year with our baby and settling into our house! Time sure flies! After several ups and downs with our internet service and website hosting we should now be all settled and online for good! I hope to work on updating AboutBeanies in the coming months! Thank you all for visiting! Happy New Year! - Marie Dyson
  • Site Updates: Current Beanie Babies Checklist has been updated today!
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